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research on post apocalyptic and social realism films n.
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Research on Post-apocalyptic and social realism films PowerPoint Presentation
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Research on Post-apocalyptic and social realism films

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Research on Post-apocalyptic and social realism films
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Research on Post-apocalyptic and social realism films

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  1. Research on Post-apocalyptic and social realism films

  2. Timelines Social Realism Post apocalyptic 2010 2000 1990 1980 1970 1960

  3. Visual Conventions of Post-Apocalyptic Films 3 films I have chosen are “Plant of the Apes” (1968). “Day of the Triffids” (1962)and “28 Days Later” (2002) One re-occurring and necessary theme of the post-apocalyptic genre was the atmospheric environments in which the narrative took place in. These are necessary as they give the setting depth and give an instant impression on what events have happened and the outcome. Typically the main character is place in the situation to observe the scene; give the area scope and the sense that they are alone. This isolation makes the viewer empathise with the main character because we are experience similar emotions when looking over the tragedy.

  4. Representation of character (visual) post apocalyptic George Taylor from Planet of the Apes, is a very masculine character this is shown though his costume, as he is a prisoner of the Apes he is dress in a kind of caveman appearance. The way he interacts with the apes he is very stout and offensive in his behaviour but is reasonable and outgoing. Bill is the main character from “Day of the Triffrids”. His characters is typical of the Post-apocalyptic genre, as he is portrayed as a strong individual, as he is capable of protecting himself and other whom survivors being affected by blindness. However his strong character can make him appear as lonesome and distant, as he does not demonstrate much emotions though out the film.

  5. Mise-en scene This scene is when Bill, Susan and Christine enter Spain to escape the Triffrids. The mise en scene is of a deserted festival, this is shown by props used examples being the broken Ferris wheel and abandoned music kart. This scene is used to show that the triffid disaster is wide speared and intensifies the situation of the characters.

  6. Visual Conventions of Social realism Films 3 films I have chosen are Billy Elliot( 2000) , Dirty Pretty Things (2002) and This is England (2006) In social realism films I have noticed that the genre emphasizes of the themes of family and supporting each other though difficult circumstances. This is normally portrayed visually either to contrast apposing forces e.g. billy and his dad about ballet and boxing . Or to show togetherness as they are in similar situations e.g. Okwe and Senay as they are immigrants with hopes and aspirations to become better as Okwe was a doctor and Senay wants to go to America. Also Shaun had become a member of his skinhead pack as means of having fun and friends to associate with.

  7. Billy Elliot is a young boy living in County Durham in 1984, where coal miners like his dad are on strike and billy must live in this harsh place. Billy’s dad wants his son to become a boxer, however Billy Elliot's passion is in the ballet. This story is mostly shown in scenes where billy is learning ballet with his teacher or when he is confronted by his dad. By which scenes are mostly carried by dialogue but visual representation e.g. billy is learning ballet with the girls which makes him stand out visually and as a character Representation of character (visual) social realism Okwe is an immigrant, who works in London as a part-time doctor and also is a receptionist at a hotel. His character is strong and discipline which is typical of the genre as it is seated in reality and is often harsh in its situations and characters. This is mostly shown though his actions when he tries to help people and there troubles, example would be when he helps a young woman called Senay with her settling-in in London.

  8. Video clips of various films (Planet of the Apes) This clip we are shown the ideals of the apes as they have intelligence and temperament of man. By reading old scrolls by with they belief similar to religion as the man among the apes tries to convince them of other ideas and understanding. ( Dirty Pretty Things clip) This clip shows the harsh reality of London, this clip is a good example of use of sound to build-up suspense when Okwe hides behind the shower curtain, also editing is tight with quick reaction shots and dialogue is informal and explicit. (Billy Elliot) In this scene, Billy Elliot is being taught ballet by an old teacher. I choose this scene as its very express in dialogue and characters actions and is serious. Very typical of a social realist film as we follow the struggles of Billy and empathize with him.