nypro university massachusetts jobs and workforce summit june 22 2010 public house sturbridge ma l.
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Nypro University Massachusetts Jobs and Workforce Summit June 22, 2010 Public House Sturbridge Ma PowerPoint Presentation
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Nypro University Massachusetts Jobs and Workforce Summit June 22, 2010 Public House Sturbridge Ma

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Nypro University Massachusetts Jobs and Workforce Summit June 22, 2010 Public House Sturbridge Ma - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Nypro University Massachusetts Jobs and Workforce Summit June 22, 2010 Public House Sturbridge Ma
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  1. Nypro UniversityMassachusetts Jobs and Workforce SummitJune 22, 2010Public HouseSturbridge Ma

  2. “The very essence of leadership is that you have to have a vision”- Theodore Hesburgh-

  3. Nypro University Mission To enable a learning environment that delivers dynamic educational and training opportunities in support of our Global Strategic Missions

  4. Nypro University…Cultural DNA of the Organization “What”. . .Strategic Umbrella for Educating Employees, Customers, Suppliers “How” . . .Learning Laboratory for the Organization “Why”. . .Nypro’s Attributes Desire to be Premier Employer World Leader in Target Markets Knowledge Trust Customer Focused

  5. Reactive Decentralized Wide Audience, Limited Depth Operates As a Staff Function Product Line: 80% Tactical 20% Strategic How does Nypro’s operational training differ from the Nypro University? HR/Operations Nypro University • Proactive • Centralized Learning Philosophy • Strategic Alliances • Customized Curricula for Key Jobs • Operates as a Business Unit • Product Line: • 20% Tactical • 80% Strategic

  6. Strategic Initiatives FY 11 • Leadership Development • Global program Expansion • Target Certifications • 6 Sigma/Safety • Master Molder/Tech Training • Strategic Collaborations

  7. 653 Number of Students

  8. 19,943 Number of Program Hours

  9. Identify Need State Vision Define Selection Criteria Craft an Operating Plan Define Educational Offering Address Intellectual Property Issues Implement Offering Design Offering Pilot Offering Evaluate Offering Stages in Building a Corporate University/College/Vendor Partnership Deepen Collaboration • Expand Offerings • Participate Collaborative Research • Launch High Level Consulting

  10. Target Certifications Nypro U/Mount Wachusett CommunityCollege • Product Design and Quality Control example: Mold and Parts Design Engineering Graphics SPC Materials Properties and Testing Outcomes: Rapid prototyping capabilities will speed up the innovation process and get designs in the hands of customers early, ahead of finalizing designs.

  11. Target Certification Nypro U/Mount Wachusett Community College • Advanced Processing and Robotics Example: Master Molder Computer Integrated Manufacturing Blueprint Reading Injection Molding Robotics Outcomes: Advanced processing capability provides the medical market with enhanced validation protocol and process stability.

  12. Target Certification Nypro U/Mount Wachusett Community College • Industrial Maintenance Example: Hydraulics and Pneumatics Electric Motor Control OSHA Outcomes: Support technology will drive competitive advantage through advanced secondary equipment providing additional value added opportunities.

  13. Nypro U TRAINING LAB

  14. Nypro University of the Future Future Direction of Nypro University Themes Portable Competencies Grant degrees in partnership with higher education in targeted geographic regions Train the Value Chain Extend the University to customer, suppliers, consortia members Learning is Shared Responsibility Administer a personal development program. “Personal mastery” Operate As A Business Become a professional service firm within Nypro. Learning Investment Is A Marketing Advantage Recommend how to leverage the University for competitive advantage Distance Learning Expansion Enhance Web-based learning through strategic global alliances

  15. “Re-Educating the Corporation”Daniel Tobin • “Changes in corporate management and structure are so dynamic that we can no longer wait for, or rely on the intellectual treatises of academics to tell us how corporations of the future will be managed. Now it’s the people in the corporations themselves who provide that thinking. Learning is the principle motivator of everyone. The most important thing you can do for an employee is to give them an opportunity to learn. • Gordon Lankton Chairman Nypro Inc.