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China Review. China was connected with the Middle East via what road?. The Silk Roads. What products were traded on the Silk Roads?. Silk, paper, porcelain, tea. Who did China trade with during the Middle Ages, c.1000-1500?. Muslims, who then traded with Europeans.

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South China Sea Maritime Routes c.1000-1500?

Silk Roads

South China Sea Maritime Routes

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What are enclaves? c.1000-1500?

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Buddhism c.1000-1500?

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Who founded Buddhism? c.1000-1500?

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Siddhartha Gautama, c.1000-1500?

The “Buddha”

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India c.1000-1500?

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The Buddhist missionary c.1000-1500?Asoka

Asoka spread Buddhism to the light blue area!

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Four truths about life developed by Buddha. c.1000-1500?

Said: all people suffer--due to desires-- to end suffering we must get rid of our desires by following eight fold path--reaching nirvana

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The eight-fold path is a list of eight rules that Buddhists must follow to get to nirvana.

Follow this path to nirvana!

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Both believe in must follow to get to reincarnation (soul rebirth)

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What is Nirvana? must follow to get to

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“a state of nothingness” must follow to get to

Where a person no longer has to suffer through reincarnation

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The caste system must follow to get to

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Spheres of influences China c. 1900?(control trade only)

Russian sphere

British sphere

Japanese spheres

French sphere

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When Chinese rebels, called China c. 1900?Boxers rebelled against European and Japanese spheres of influence in China. It failed.

Boxer Rebellion

A Chinese Boxer

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1900 China c. 1900?

“We rebelled in 1900 and got beat badly!”

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A sphere of influence in Korea and Manchuria, China China c. 1900?

Japan and Russian fought over this territory




Japan wins!

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Japan World War II (1939-1945)?

Land controlled by Japan, 1941

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Who led the Chinese Civil War? World War II (1939-1945)?

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Mao Tse-tung World War II (1939-1945)?

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Since Mao Tse-tung won the Chinese Civil War in 1949, he turned China into what form of government?

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China becomes communist turned China into what form of government?

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Nationalist Chiang Kai-Shek man?

Chiang Kai-Shek (anti-communist) was supported by the United States!

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Where did Chiang Kia-Shek flee to man?[and start a new country] after losing to Mao Tse-tung?

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Nationalist China (Taiwan) man?



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The Korean War (led by the United States)?

Chinese advance, Nov. 1950 against troops led by Gen. MacArthur

Land controlled by communists after Chinese advance.

Area controlled by communists

Area controlled by MacArthur and U.N.