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Middle Ages China Review

Middle Ages China Review. This Chinese Dynasty brought back the Civil Service Examination, strengthened trade through farming, and destroyed Buddhist monasteries ending Buddhism in China. Tang.

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Middle Ages China Review

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  1. Middle Ages China Review

  2. This Chinese Dynasty brought back the Civil Service Examination, strengthened trade through farming, and destroyed Buddhist monasteries ending Buddhism in China. Tang

  3. The three major religions in Medieval China were Confucianism, Daoism, and Buddhism. When they combined, it was called ___ Neo-Confucianism

  4. The Silk Road got its name because __ fabric was sold by China Silk

  5. Pi Sheng invented the movable type for ___ Printing

  6. Medieval China inventions were Steelmaking, Printing, Fireworks, and __ (which was used by the Mongols). Gunpowder

  7. During the Tang and __ Dynasties, China enjoyed a golden age in art and literature Song

  8. He united the Mongol Empire and createda skilled fighting force in the world Genghis Khan

  9. The Mongols were Buddhist, but were __ of other religions Tolerant

  10. He traveled, wrote stories about Asia, and acted as a messenger and spy for the Mongol Emperor Kublai Khan Marco Polo

  11. This Dynasty brought back peace and prosperity, built this imperial city, and rebuilt the Great Wall Ming

  12. He was responsible for the Chinese Voyage to get other countries to trade with China Zheng He

  13. What group of people broke from China and built their own separate civilization? Koreans

  14. Japan Review

  15. Japan has a lot of __ and only 20% of the land can be farmed. Mountains

  16. As a result of__, Japan developed their own religion, arts, literature and government. Isolation peaklist.org

  17. Japan practiced a number of skills that they learned from the Chinese and the __ Koreans curriculum.kcdistancelearning.com

  18. A group of families related by blood or marriage is called a Clan outsiderjapan.pbworks.com

  19. The Japanese religion, called ___, was based on nature spirits. Shinto japanuptown.com

  20. Japanese believed that all things had their own spirits, and this was called Animism yagian.blogspot.com

  21. When the people needed helped, they asked the nature spirit called __ Kami onmarkproductions.com

  22. Another name for a holy place is a ___ Shrine photos.igougo.com

  23. What means “the way of the spirits”? Shinto spiritofmaat.com

  24. Buddhism came to Japan from___ Korea

  25. Japan’s civilian government and the emperor came to be dominated by military rulers called __ Shoguns fairplaygames.com

  26. A warrior that means “One who serves” and follows the code of Bushido. Samurai cellinifinegifts.com

  27. Powerful Military lords over small areas _ Daimyo dipity.com

  28. Many Samurai became _ of a Daimyo Vassals

  29. The loyalty between a lord and a vassal is called Feudalism

  30. People could find inner peace through simple control and a simple way of life was called _ Buddhism Zen everynownzen.wordpress.com

  31. The art of writing beautifully is called __ Calligraphy how-to-do-a.net

  32. Japanese wrote poems about nature and beauty and stirring tales about __ in battle. Warriors musicloversblogspotcom.blogspot.com

  33. Africa Review Questions

  34. First trading state in Western Africa Ghana

  35. First empire to develop was Ghana and it was known as ___ of trade. Crossroads

  36. Exchanging goods without talking. Silent Barter

  37. Salt was used to season and __ food Preserve

  38. This connected the African Kingdoms of Ghana, Mali, and Songhai Trans – Saharan Trade

  39. Islam came to Ghana because of the Muslim __. Traders

  40. Ghana traded salt and__ Gold

  41. Ghana’s Great leader ___known as the “Lion Prince” created a strong central government. Sundiata Keita

  42. This African leader made a pilgrimage to Mecca and asked Islamic teachers to come to Timbuktu Mansa Musa

  43. A religious journey Pilgrimage

  44. Ibn Battuta (buh-too-tuh) traveled 75,000 miles for thirty years to understand what? Muslim World

  45. This became an important Islamic center of learning in West Africa Timbuktu

  46. Swahili language and culture is a blend of African and __ influence Muslim

  47. He built the largest empire in Songhai… Sultan Sunni Ali

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