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Black History PowerPoint Presentation
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Black History

Black History

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Black History

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  1. Black History By: Kelly Melendez, Jazmine Ayala, Daniel Diaz

  2. Louis Armstrong • Louis Armstrong, who is also known as satchmo or pops, was born on August 4, 1901 and passed July 6, 1971. Armstrong was a very talented musician for jazz, classic, and etc. He was a fundamental influence in the jazz department. He loved to play the trumpet and wanted to be known as a jazz player so he didn’t quit until he was what he wanted to be!

  3. History Louis Armstrong first began in trumpet and cornet player of the music. With such an amazing voice, Armstrong was also a great talented singer. He was also skilled at scat singing which means vocalizing using sounds and syllables instead of actual lyrics. He was great at coming up with new songs. Armstrong continued to extend his music and by the end of the 1960’s his music was well known and very popular. He didn’t stop there, he kept striving for his goal.

  4. Armstrong Armstrong didn’t just love music, in 1918 he also fell in love with an amazing woman named Daisy Parker, they soon adopted a 3 year old boy, and named him Clarence Armstrong. Their son Clarence was disabled so Armstrong dedicated all his free time and the rest of his life to taking care of him. His marriage soon fell apart in 1923. in 1924 he met another woman named Lil Hardin and soon married her. She had just gone through a divorce as well years before but as the days past they started to grow apart, they separated in 1931 and divorced in 1938. After which Louis married his long lost girlfriend Alpha Smith. His third marriage lased 4 years and divorced in 1942. Louis then married a singer he met at the cotton club to whom he was married to until his death in 1971. Though Armstrong married four times and loved children, he had no legitimate offspring.

  5. Who was Armstrong? Armstrong was a color character, he loved telling tales, all those being mostly about his childhood. He was not only an entertainer, Armstrong was a leading personality of the day who was so beloved by America that gave even the greatest African American performers little access beyond their public celebrity. His nickname Satchmoorginated from the word satchel mouth, because he could play his instruments so well. The nickname Pops came from Armstrong's own tendency to forget people's names and simply call them "pops" instead. Then became his own nickname instead. Armstrong was accepted into all towns and even by white people. He was a well caring loved person but also got a lot of criticism, for accepting many things that weren’t allowed in certain towns yet. Armstrong was loved by everyone, and to this day they still play his music.