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Tang and song dynasties

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Tang and song dynasties - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Post-Classical China. Tang and song dynasties. Apply it!. We already know that the fall of Rome and Han China are VERY similar… Large area was difficult to rule Too much local control/weakened central control Weak rulers Peasant uprisings High taxes Barbarian Invasions

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apply it
Apply it!
  • We already know that the fall of Rome and Han China are VERY similar…
    • Large area was difficult to rule
    • Too much local control/weakened central control
    • Weak rulers
    • Peasant uprisings
    • High taxes
    • Barbarian Invasions
  • Soo…how do the events AFTER the follow mirror each other? In what was are they different?
tang and song dynasties of china
Tang and Song Dynasties of China
  • After the collapse of the Han Dynasty, China experienced a period of turmoil and unrest
  • The constant fear of the Huns helped plunged China into disunity
  • As a result, several warring kingdoms arose and science, art, and culture declined
  • At the same time, Buddhism spread throughout China
tang dynasty
Tang Dynasty

Tang…this stuff

is delicious!

  • Golden Age of China
  • Early rulers…
    • Suppressed uprisings
    • Reunited China
    • Revived Feudal System (what’s that?)
    • Brought peace and prosperity
tang dynasty1
Tang Dynasty
  • Continued some Han innovations
    • Census counts
    • Civil service exams (of Confucian ideals)
  • Built public works
  • Males received land from government
  • Peasants had to perform labor

for imperial government and

paid taxes in the form of grain

or silk

tang dynasty2
Tang Dynasty

Empress Wu Zetian built a capital at Chang’an, consulted officals for reforms and encouraged trade

tang dynasty3
Tang Dynasty
  • Advances in architecture, sculpture, painting and porcelain happened at this time
  • Contacts with India and the Middle East caused some cultural diffusion and continual advancement
tang dynasty4
Tang Dynasty
  • Under the Tang, Chinese developed gardens with rocks, streams and trees for contemplation
  • Tang China developed block printing, map making
  • The Silk Road became busier than ever before
    • Trading all these awesome


  • Click here to learn more

about the Silk Road

song dynasty
Song Dynasty
  • Following the fall of the Tang Dynasty, China shrank in size
  • The Song Dynasty emerged in the south
  • Song China continued to build upon the achievements of the Tang
song dynasty1
Song Dynasty
  • One of the most brilliant cultural eras in Chinese History
  • Time of great social and economic progress
  • Paper money and coins!
    • Allowed people to pay

taxes without using grain

song dynasty2
Song Dynasty
  • Song eliminated forced labor for the emperor
  • These factors helped bring about an increase in farm production
  • Greater wealth for China’s people and government
song dynasty3
Song Dynasty
  • Song China was most populous and advanced civilization of its day
  • Merchants, craftspeople, scholars lived in towns and cities
  • Song China engaged in trade with many parts of the world
song dynasty4
Song Dynasty
  • The Grand Canal was built and connected Beijing, Hwang Ho and Yangtze rivers
    • Used to ship grain
  • Chinese goods were with Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia, India and Africa
song dynasty5
Song Dynasty
  • Song scientists study astronomy, acupuncture, and mathematics
  • Song Dynasty introduced gunpowder, compass, and moveable type (but it didn’t take off…why not?)
achievements of the tang and song dynasties
Achievements of the Tang and Song Dynasties


Block printing, the crossbow, gunpowder and the abacus

Click here to watch the abacus in action


The Chinese discovered that a magnetized needle-- floating points north/south. This helped sea trader determine direction while sailing

The Arts

Chinese artists perfected the art of making porcelains and painting with black ink on silk paper. Chinese poets and historians wrote important works.

women in china
Women in China
  • Tang and Song peoples followed traditional beliefs of Confucianism…
    • A woman must obey her father, husband and son
  • Girls left their families when they were married
  • The way to gain respect was to give birth to sons
women in china1
Women in China
  • Foot binding began under the Song Dynasty and illustrates the desire to limit female mobility
  • Girls’ feet were found in tight bandages
  • This gave wealthy women small feet, which was considered attractive, but often made it difficult to walk