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Case 21 Review

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Case 21 Review - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Case 21 Review. 1 st 9 weeks objectives. Scientific Investigation. ____ is the way or process of solving problems in the world around you. Science. The way or method of solving problems in science is called _________________. The scientific method.

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Case 21 Review

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    1. Case 21 Review 1st 9 weeks objectives

    2. Scientific Investigation

    3. ____ is the way or process of solving problems in the world around you.

    4. Science

    5. The way or method of solving problems in science is called _________________.

    6. The scientific method

    7. What are the 7 steps of the scientific method?

    8. State the _________ • Make ____________ • Form the _________ • Perform the _______ • Analyze ______ • Draw ____________ • Communicate the _________

    9. State the question • Make observations • Form the hypothesis • Perform the experiment • Analyze data • Draw conclusions • Communicate the results

    10. _____ is an educated guess which must be proven or disproven

    11. Hypothesis

    12. How do you prove or disprove a hypothesis?

    13. Perform an experiment

    14. What is a theory?

    15. An educated guess based on research which cannot be proven or disproven

    16. In every experiment, everything must be kept ____ except for what is being _____

    17. Constant Tested

    18. What are constants?

    19. Parts of the experiment that are kept the same

    20. What are variables?

    21. Parts of the experiment that change

    22. What is the independent and dependent variable?

    23. Independent variable: the one thing that you change in the experiment • Dependent variable: the thing in the experiment that changes because of the independent variable • What is being measured

    24. Mr. Krabs wants to make Bikini Bottoms a nicer place to live. He has created a new sauce that he thinks will reduce the production of body gas associated with eating krabby patties from the KrustyKrab. He recruits 100 customers with a history of gas problems. He has 50 of them (group A) eat krabby patties with the new sauce. The other 50 (group B) eat krabby patties with sauce that looks just like the new sauce but is really just a mixture of mayonnaise and food coloring. Both groups were told that they were getting the sauce that would reduce gas production. Two hours after eating the krabby patties, 30 customers in group a reported having fewer gas problems and 8 customers in group B reported having fewer gas problems. • Which people are in the control group? • What is the independent variable? • What is the dependent variable? • What should Mr. Krab’s conclusion be? • Why did 8 customers in group B report having fewer gas problems?

    25. Group b • Sauce • Amount of body gas • The sauce worked • Placebo effect

    26. Spongebob loves to garden and wants to grow lots of pink flowers for his pal Sandy. He bought a special flower power fertilizer to see if it will help plants produce more flowers. He plants two plants of the same size in separate containers with the same amount of potting soil. He places one plant in a sunny window and waters it every day with fertilized water. He places the other plant on a shelf in a closet and waters it with plain water every other day. • What did Spongebob do wrong in the experiment? • What should Spongebob do to test the effectiveness of flower power fertilizer?

    27. Changed more than one thing • Should have given one plant the flower power fertilizer and not the other and kept everything else the same

    28. Chemistry

    29. What is the name of the scientist who developed the periodic table of elements?

    30. Mendeleev

    31. How is the periodic table arranged?

    32. In order of increasing atomic number

    33. What is the smallest building block of all matter?

    34. Atom

    35. What is matter which is made up of only one kind of atom?

    36. Element

    37. Every atom has ____ basic parts

    38. 3

    39. Positively charged particle of the atom?

    40. Proton

    41. Negatively charged particle of the atom?

    42. Electron

    43. Neutral particle of the atom

    44. Neutron

    45. Where are the protons found in an atom?

    46. Nucleus

    47. Where are the electrons found in an atom?

    48. Around the nucleus: electron cloud

    49. Where are the neutrons found in the atom?

    50. Nucleus