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Chapter 21 Review PowerPoint Presentation
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Chapter 21 Review

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Chapter 21 Review - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chapter 21 Review. The effects of industrialization. Which amendment started Prohibition?. A. 16th. B. 17th. C. 18th. D. 19th. C. The 18th Amendment. Which muckraker wrote The Jungle ?. A. Upton Sinclair. B. Jacob Riis. C. Thomas Nast. D. Joesph Hine. A. Upton Sinclair.

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Chapter 21 Review

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Chapter 21 Review The effects of industrialization

    2. Which amendment started Prohibition?

    3. A 16th B 17th C 18th D 19th

    4. C The 18th Amendment

    5. Which muckraker wrote The Jungle?

    6. A Upton Sinclair B Jacob Riis C Thomas Nast D Joesph Hine

    7. A Upton Sinclair

    8. Which strike against Carnegie Steel halted strikes against steel for 20 years?

    9. A Carnegie Strike B Haymarket Riot C Pullman Strike D Homestead Strike

    10. D Homestead Strike

    11. What term is given for a voter’s right to put a bill directly before a state legislature?

    12. A Primary B Referendum C Initiative D Recall

    13. C Initiative

    14. What is the term given for voters choosing their party’s candidate from among several people?

    15. A Primary B Referendum C Initiative D Recall

    16. A Primary

    17. What was the Temperance Movement?

    18. women’s attempt to gain the right to vote A B An attempt to end alcohol C A rise in labor unions Muckrakers attempt to inform government D

    19. An attempt to end alcohol B

    20. Which labor union was the most powerful in the nation?

    21. A International Ladies Garment Workers B Knights of Labor American Federation of Labor C D Soldiers of Labor

    22. The American Federation of Labor C

    23. What is a muckraker?

    24. A Labor union supporters People dedicated to gaining the right to vote B Authors, journalists & artists who exposed effects of industrialization C D Business owners against strikes

    25. Authors, journalists & artist dedicated to exposing negative effects of industrialization C

    26. What did political bosses expect in return for jobs, houses and gifts?

    27. A Votes B Money Workers C D Unions

    28. A Votes

    29. What term is used for giving voters the power to make a bill become law?

    30. A Primary B Referendum C Initiative D Recall

    31. B Referendum

    32. Which woman is known for taking an ax to saloons during the Temperance Movement?

    33. A Lucretia Mott B Elizabeth Stanton C Susan B. Anthony D Carry Nation

    34. D Carry Nation

    35. Which strike confirmed the government favored business over workers?

    36. A Carnegie Strike B Haymarket Riot C Pullman Strike D Homestead Strike

    37. C The Pullman Strike

    38. Which amendment created an income tax?

    39. A 16th B 17th C 18th D 19th

    40. The 16th amendment A

    41. Which term means to allow voters to remove an elected official from office?

    42. A Primary B Referendum C Initiative D Recall

    43. D Recall

    44. Which of the following was NOT a Progressive Era workplace reform?

    45. A Improved safety conditions B Low wages C Reduced work hours Restrictions on child labor D

    46. B Low wages

    47. Who was typically in charge of city governments?

    48. A Presidents B Representatives C Governors D Bosses

    49. D Bosses

    50. What is prohibition?