workflow development in microsoft sharepoint server 2010 with microsoft visual studio 2010 l.
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Workflow Development in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 PowerPoint Presentation
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Workflow Development in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

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Workflow Development in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SESSION CODE: OSP320. Workflow Development in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. Jon Flanders. Outline. What’s new with Workflows in SharePoint Server 2010? Support for .NET 3.5 SPD -> Export -> Visual Studio -> Import Site Workflows Custom Local Services

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Presentation Transcript
  • What’s new with Workflows in SharePoint Server 2010?
    • Support for .NET 3.5
    • SPD -> Export -> Visual Studio -> Import
    • Site Workflows
    • Custom Local Services
    • Workflow Event Receivers
  • Visual Studio Tools
net framework version
.NET framework version
  • SharePoint 2010 has a dependency on .NET 3.5
  • Workflows in SharePoint Server 2010 are *not* WF 4.0 Workflows
  • .NET Framework release schedule doesn’t align with SharePoint Server 2010
    • Would have delayed SharePoint Server 2010 significantly to take a dependency on WF 4.0
spd workflow import


SPD Workflow Import
  • SPD has a new reusable declarative Workflow template
  • Once deployed it can be saved to a template (.wsp)
  • Template can be imported into Visual Studio 2010 and modified



Save to File System

Create New ProjectImport WSP

File system


site workflows


Site Workflows
  • In SP 2010, Workflows don’t have to be associated with a List instance
    • No need to create a “dummy” list just to get a workflow to run
  • Potential uses
    • Accessing External Data - BCS
    • General Business Logic
    • Managing Site permissions
    • Managing Site or Item (across Lists) creation
creating a site workflow
Creating a Site Workflow
  • Pick “Site” when creating Workflow in Visual Studio 2010
  • Manage via “Site Workflows” under “Site Actions”
  • Workflow must be started manually
    • Requires instantiation form
workflow forms
Workflow Forms
  • Visual Studio 2010 SharePoint tools have templates for
    • Workflow Initiation Form
    • Workflow Association Form
  • Add them at Workflow node level in Solution Explorer and the Elements.xml is automatically modified
sps workflow communication
SPS/Workflow communication
  • Workflow communication in SharePoint is done via ExternalDataExchange (EDS)
    • Built on top of Workflow Queue Infrastructure
  • EDS uses an interface definition for workflow/host communication
  • “Local Service” implements interface
    • HandleExternalEvent triggered by firing interface event
    • CallExternalMethod calls interface method
  • SPS communication Activities are strongly-typed versions of HEE, CEM
wf communication
WF Communication


WF Runtime

Some Time May Elapse







Workflow PersistedTo Storage

Workflow RestoredFrom Storage



local service extensibility


Local Service extensibility
  • Before SP 2010, only the SP-defined Local Service could be used
  • SPS 2010 enables adding custom Local Services
    • Can use CEM/HEE or
    • wca.exe tool to create strongly-typed Activities (e.g. OnWorkflowActivated/CreateTask)
building a custom local service
Building a custom Local Service
  • Define an EDS interface
  • Create a class that derives from the SPWorkflowExternalDataExchangeService base class
  • Implement the EDS interface
  • Need to add an entry to the web.config
    • WorkflowServices configuration section
using local services
Using Local Services
  • Configure Activities that use Local Service
    • HandleExternalEvent/CallExternalMethod
    • Or use WCA.exe to generate strongly-typed versions
workflow event receivers


Workflow Event Receivers
  • SharePoint’s WorkflowRuntime is “closed”
    • No way to hook into WorkflowRuntime events
  • Workflow Event Receives in SharePoint Server 2010 are code-based Event Receivers
    • Similar to List Event Receivers
  • Support built into Visual Studio 2010 SharePoint tools
    • EventReceiver Project or Item template
  • New SPEventReceiverBase-derived class for 2010
  • Derived and override methods for needed functionality
    • Starting
    • Started
    • Postponed
    • Completed
  • Register as EventReceiver for a list
    • Associates with list workflows automatically
workflow event receiver
Workflow Event Receiver
  • public class MyWorkflowEventReceiver : SPWorkflowEventReceiver
  • {
  • public override void WorkflowStarting(SPWorkflowEventProperties p)
  • {
  • base.WorkflowStarting(properties);
  • }
  • public override void WorkflowStarted(SPWorkflowEventProperties p)
  • {
  • base.WorkflowStarted(properties);
  • }
  • public override void WorkflowPostponed(SPWorkflowEventProperties p)
  • {
  • base.WorkflowPostponed(properties);
  • }
  • public override void WorkflowCompleted(SPWorkflowEventProperties p)
  • {
  • base.WorkflowCompleted(properties);
  • }
  • }
  • Workflows are (have been) a powerful way to model functionality in SharePoint
  • Improvements to the engine and tools in SharePoint Server 2010/Visual Studio 2010 make Workflow an even more attractive way to develop in SharePoint
    • SPD Export
    • EventReceivers
    • Local Services
    • Visual Studio
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