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Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Tips and Tricks PowerPoint Presentation
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Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Tips and Tricks

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Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Tips and Tricks - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Required Slide. SESSION CODE: DEV315. Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Tips and Tricks. Visual Studio 2010 Tips and Tricks Team Talk ( Twitter Hash #DEV315 ). Dustin Campbell Microsoft Corporation. Scott Cate (@ScottCate) Software. Agenda. Get the most out of Visual Studio 2010

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microsoft visual studio 2010 tips and tricks

Required Slide


Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Tips and Tricks

Visual Studio 2010 Tips and TricksTeam Talk ( Twitter Hash #DEV315 )

Dustin Campbell

Microsoft Corporation

Scott Cate (@ScottCate) Software.

  • Get the most out of Visual Studio 2010
    • Better / Faster / Code Tricks / Fun Facts / Bets with Friends
  • Why are you here?
  • Everyone will learn something
  • If one tip saves one minute per hour
    • Do some fuzzy math and ….
    • Every tip will save you 1 year of coding
    • Retire Today!
no need for notes

Entire presentation is available online

  • Mini Screen Cast Series on

No Need for Notes


Twitter Discussion: #DEV315


camelCase / Substring Filters

  • Suggestion mode [CTRL]+[ALT]+[SPACE]
  • Undeclared types after “new” ( C# Only )



Twitter Discussion: #DEV315

start page

Pinning and Unpinning Projects

  • Remove projects from list
  • Close start page after load
  • Show/Hide Startup Page
  • Pin to Win7 Task Bar
    • [WIN]+[ALT]+[Position]

Start Page


Twitter Discussion: #DEV315

code editor tricks

Call Hierarchy ( C# Only )

  • Find all references [SHIFT]+[F12]
  • Metadata as Source ( C# Only )
  • Code Definition Window ( C# Only )
  • Highlight references and keywords
  • Navigating Highlights [CTRL]+[SHIFT]+[UP|DOWN]
  • Multi Line Edit – Box Select
  • ZOOM Mouse and Keyboard [CTRL]+[SHIFT]+[<|>]

Code Editor Tricks


Twitter Discussion: #DEV315

multiple monitor support

Floating document(s) window(s)

  • Windows 7 [WIN]+[ARROW] Support
  • Double click behavior

Multiple Monitor Support


Twitter Discussion: #DEV315


Ad-Hoc Regions

    • Hide [CTRL]+[M],[H]
    • Show [CTRL]+[M],[U]
  • Collapse to definition
  • Outlining preview on margin hover
  • Double click margin to Expand/Collapse



Twitter Discussion: #DEV315


Go to Definition [F12]

  • Go to Definition Stack ( C# Only ) [CTRL]+[SHIFT]+[7|8]
  • Iterate List Window (IE. Find Results) [F8]
  • Navigate To [CTRL]+[,]
  • Navigate to open file selection [CTRL]+[ALT]+[DOWN]
  • Next | Previous Method ( VB Only) [CTRL]+[UP|DOWN]



Twitter Discussion: #DEV315

throw away or temp projects

Quick Code

  • Samples
  • Throw Away Code
  • Keep Hard Drive clean
  • Save if you want
  • No Solution Support
  • Single Projects Only

Throw Away or Temp Projects


Twitter Discussion: #DEV315

new project dialog

Sort Templates

  • Search / Filter Templates
  • Add / Find new Templates
  • Online Templates

New Project Dialog


Twitter Discussion: #DEV315

writing code faster

Background Squigglies

  • Smart Tag Shortcut [CTRL]+[.]
    • Add Using|Import statements
    • Generate from Usage
    • Error Correction ( VB Only )

Writing Code Faster


Twitter Discussion: #DEV315

code snippets

Double [TAB] Expansion

  • Insert Snippet
    • [CTRL]+[K] and [CTRL]+[X]
    • [?]+[TAB] Snippets Dialog ( VB Only )
    • Toggle Snippet Visibility ( VB Only )

Code Snippets


Twitter Discussion: #DEV315


IntelliTrace – Back in Time

  • Breakpoint Name / Group [On|Off] / Export / Import
  • Trace Points
  • Pin / Persists Data Tips
    • Adjust Data Tips Transparency
  • Run to Cursor [CTRL]+[F10]
  • Debugger Visualizers



Twitter Discussion: #DEV315

architecture diagrams

New Modeling Project

  • Diagrams *.dgml
  • Sequence Diagrams
  • Layer Diagrams

Architecture Diagrams


Twitter Discussion: #DEV315

extending visual studio 2010

Extension Manager

    • Online Gallery
    • Easy to Enable|Disable
  • Safe Mode
    • Devenv.exe /SafeMode

Extending Visual Studio 2010


Twitter Discussion: #DEV315

professional power tools

Document Tab Enhancements

  • Highlight Current Line
  • Column Guides
  • And many more …

Professional Power Tools


Twitter Discussion: #DEV315

http scottcate com tricks

Video Blog

100’s of Visual Studio Tips and Tricks

Community Project


track resources

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Track Resources
  • Visual Studio –
  • Soma’s Blog –
  • MSDN Data Developer Center –
  • ADO.NET Team Blog –
  • WCF Data Services Team Blog –
  • EF Design Blog –

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  • Sessions On-Demand & Community
  • Microsoft Certification & Training Resources

  • Resources for IT Professionals
  • Resources for Developers

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