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Spaceward Bound

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Spaceward Bound - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Spaceward Bound “NASA must begin training the next generation of space explorers - they will be the ones who realize the vision for space exploration and carry it though successfully.” Who Are We?

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Spaceward Bound

“NASA must begin training the next generation of space explorers - they will be the ones who realize the vision for space exploration and carry it though successfully.”


Who Are We?

We are NASA scientists, engineers and educators, who are passionate about our work and fervently believe that engaging students in the excitement, intrigue and fascination of exploration in the field will inspire them to become explorers themselves and join our quest to learn more about our earth and the universe beyond.

the next generation of space explorers must
The Next Generation of Space Explorers Must….
  • understand how to establish and maintain outposts in harsh environments
  • be trained to live and work in these environments
  • learn how to the explore the surfaces of other worlds
  • Their experience base must include a deep understanding of human factors, life support, transportation, safety through redundancy, and technology-assisted exploration in a remote (off-the-grid) setting.

Spaceward Bound

Pilot Year 2006

Mission & Objective

To determine the feasibility and utility of field training for teachers of the next generation of space explorers.


Teachers will learn how to organize and implement the various activities associated with establishing a research outpost in a remote setting.


Teacher Learning Content

  • Processes of exploration in the field
    • Logistics and transportation
    • Energy and life support
    • Human factors
    • Exploration and EVA activities
  • Science content and processes
    • Atacama science
    • Concepts and theories of Moon/Mars analog research

Classroom Application

Proceses of Exploration

Science & How To Do Science

The Atacama Onion


Things to Turn In on July 28

  • Journals !!!
  • Plan for leveraging of field expedition experiences into classrooms
  • Plan for outreach to all NASA Explorer Schools via DLN network
  • Written reflection on personal learning, program strengths and weaknesses, and recommendations for inclusion in final Spaceward Bound Pilot Program 2006 report
to do s
To Do’s
  • Passport, International Driver’s License, Tetanus Shot
  • Read Chris’ paper “Two Dry for Life”
  • Go Googling….
    • Chile, Atacama Desert, Yungay
    • Mars, Mars Analogs
  • Begin journaling !!!
    • Entries for all Spaceward Bound-related activities
    • Recount the activities up to this point (decision to apply, application process, talking to your family, friends, and students, learning you were accepted, our first planning session, …)
  • Keep an eye on the website !
email to liza
Email to Liza
  • Bio and photos (ASAP!)
  • What airport do you want to leave from (and return to!) (ASAP!)
  • Pick your first and second choice of an Exploration Process to focus on. Email Liza with your choices and a paragraph about what intrigues you about your choices. (by 31 March)
  • Assignment: Find five other Mars analog sites (anywhere on our planet). List the characteristics of each place that make them good analogs. Give an example of Mars analog research that is done at each place. (by 7 April)
  • If you want your students to sit in on the planning sessions, that’s fine!
  • Only caveat is that the sessions are for YOU !!
planning session dates
Planning Session Dates
  • Tuesday, 11 April
  • Tuesday, 2 May
  • Tuesday, 16 May
  • Monday, 12 June