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Bound. Donna Jo Napoli. Setting.

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Donna Jo Napoli


This story takes place during the Ming Dynasty. There was a girl called Xing Xing, who lived with her stepmother and her stepsister. During the Ming Dynasty all the girls had to have their feet bound, the smaller the better. This was because if your feet were small enough to put in a man’s hand, you would get a better chance to marry a man that had a lot of money and power. Also, during the Ming Dynasty bound feet were very fashionable, but Xing Xing was one of the very exceptional girls who did not have her feet bound.

Xing xing
Xing Xing

Xing Xing was the main character from the book. She was a really nice person, but unlike the other girls she didn’t have her feet bound her because her dad didn’t want his daughters to do that. However, a few years later Xing Xing’s dad died. After that her stepmother started to have Wei Ping’s feet bound. Wei Ping was Xing Xing’s half sister. Stepmother wanted her own daughter, Wei Ping, to marry a wealthy man and have a good life. Since Xing Xing didn’t have her feet bound, she had to do all the chores at home.

Wei ping
Wei Ping

Wei Ping was Xing Xing’s stepsister,and she was like all the other girls and got her feet bound. She was going to marry a man soon. But unlike Xing Xing, she was a selfish and mean person. She laughed at Xing Xing all the time because she didn’t have her feet bound, and said no one wanted to marry her.


Xing Xing’s stepmother was not a fair person, and she made Xing Xing do all the hard work at home. As we know Wei Ping was her own daughter so she loved her much more than Xing Xing.

Master tang
Master Tang

Master Tangwas a really good friend with Xing Xing’s father. He was an artist, and he painted a lot of good works. Also, when Xing Xing was young, she learned some of the traditional Chinese art skills from Master Tang. Xing Xing was good at these, and also master Tang really liked her. Another reason that Master Tang really liked Xing Xing wasbecause she was a really nice and reliable person.


Xing Xing and Wei Ping are stepsisters, so Wei Ping doesn’t like her. When Xing Xing is trying to wash Wei Ping’s feet, the feet oozed a foul—smelling yellow liquid that seemed to drain away her energy. Meat brings energy, so Stepmother tells her to get some meat for Wei Ping. Stepmother is being so mean to Xing Xing because when Xing Xing’s dad died Xing Xing was the person that was with him, and he didn’t want Stepmother. So Stepmotheris jealous of Xing Xing, and that is one of the reasons why she hates Xing Xing so much.