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Someone Else’s Problems. Problems. Comprehensive information systems Multi-modal/multi-channel access. Comprehensive Info Systems. Databases, Web, Digital Libraries, Document Systems, Archives, … Different philosophies in information storage, access, manipulation, …

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Problems l.jpg

  • Comprehensive information systems

  • Multi-modal/multi-channel access

Comprehensive info systems l.jpg
Comprehensive Info Systems

  • Databases, Web, Digital Libraries, Document Systems, Archives, …

  • Different philosophies in information storage, access, manipulation, …

  • Even different “scientific” communities with limited communication among them

Comprehensive info systems4 l.jpg
Comprehensive Info Systems

  • Need to understand real differences

  • Need to develop comprehensive approaches to deal with all forms of information

Comprehensive info systems5 l.jpg
Comprehensive Info Systems

  • Need to be able to ask for

    “Details of the $100K and up bank transactions of anyone mentioned in the same document as someone in the `most-wanted’ table who …”

    and the system to deal with information of different degrees of structure

    • Database tables of people and transactions

    • XML files of transaction details

    • Text files of newspaper articles

Comprehensive info systems6 l.jpg
Comprehensive Info Systems

  • Query languages and other interfaces

  • Other forms of interaction

  • Algebras

  • Query processing and optimization

  • Information synthesis

Multi modal channel access l.jpg
Multi-Modal/-Channel Access

  • Accessinformation using different devices at different times

  • Within and across user sessions

  • Critical for mobile databases, location-based information access, …

Multi modal channel access8 l.jpg
Multi-Modal/-Channel Access

  • Persistent sessions across multiple devices

  • Session maintenance as user moves around - start from where user left off

  • Device-dependent interface and content & service delivery

Multi modal channel access9 l.jpg
Multi-Modal/-Channel Access

  • Need to be able to ask for

    “Seafood restaurants in Lowell, MA”

    and the system

    • deliver a different response (in terms of visual abstraction level) when that is viewed from a laptop or a mobile phone

    • be prepared to respond on-line or later

Multi modal channel access10 l.jpg
Multi-Modal/-Channel Access

  • “Multi-” query languages and other interfaces

  • “Multi-” algebras

  • “Multi-” processing and optimization

  • “Multi-” response formation

  • “Multi-” session management

Multi modal channel access11 l.jpg
Multi-Modal/-Channel Access

  • Intimately related to

    • information approximation

    • quality of service