global problems n.
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Global problems PowerPoint Presentation
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Global problems

Global problems

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Global problems

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  1. Global problems

  2. GLOBAL x LOCAL • Are you global? • positiveaspects of globalization • negativeaspects of globalization • examples • social • globalproblems • environmental Globalization

  3. decrease of poverty (due to investments in developing countries, better access to progressive methods in agriculture and industry) • decrease of unemployment (migration) • increase of democracy • feminism spread, discrimination decrease Supporting globalization

  4. it is difficult to compete with giant producers • (small shops against Tesco) • exploiting illegal workers • killing local cultures • no respect for different habits • Americanization Anti-globalization

  5. Growing the population Environmentalproblems Poverty Rich vs. developing countries Globalization Discrimination Illiteracy Totalitarianism Crime Violence Terrorism Homelessness Wars Incurableandcivilizationdiseases Immigration

  6. Why do these problems start? intolerance greed and selfishness wanting a power pride and prejudice unresolved problems from the past a desire of expansion

  7. starving, famine, poverty, homelessness • developing countries (the Third World Countries) Growing the population

  8. spreading western culture to other local cultures • Is it good or bad? Globalization

  9. Why do people immigrate? • What problems do the immigrants • face when they come to • a new country? Immigration

  10. Why do the wars start? What do they cause? What to do to avoid them? Wars and terrorism

  11. Violence

  12. Who can be discriminated? Has the situation changed these days? What can a discriminated person do? Discrimination

  13. Explain these words: Racism/Xenophobia Sexual harassment Minority Migration Refugee Poverty Illiteracy Distance adoption

  14. Incurable and civilization diseases

  15. Crime

  16. Match the words with the definitions Smuggling Arson Fraud Robbery Blackmail Mugging Kidnapping Hijacking Murder Rape An act of killing a person on purpose and illegally A crime of setting a fire to sth. on purpose The crime of having sexual intercourse with a woman against her will Taking control of an airplane while it’s moving and forcing the pilot to change the direction To obtain money illegally from a person Attacking a person to steal sth. (a handbag) An act of dishonesty An act of stealing from a person or a place An act of carrying off a person by a force, often demanding money in exchange for his/her safe return Bringing goods into a country illegally or without paying duty

  17. independent, usually non-profit organizations that help people in need (the poor, homeless, children, old people, animals, …) • deal with human rights, education, medical care, conservation of the environment,… • rely on money given by the public and on help from volunteers in fund-rising and carrying out activities Charities

  18. Discuss these questions: • Have you ever given money to a beggar in the street? Do you feel sympathy towards homeless? How can people loose their home? • Are people in your class/family tolerant towards minorities? Are you interested in different cultures? • Do you agree that same-sex couples should be able to register as partners? Should registered partnership be the same in legal terms as the marriage of heterosexual couples or should there be any restrictions? • What isyour view on illegal organ trade? Do you think people should be able to buy the organs they need on the black market if the waiting list is too long and their life is in danger? • Is forced prostitution a serious problem in our country? What can be done to fight trafficking in women?