comp790 058 robotics an introduction l.
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COMP790-058 Robotics: An Introduction PowerPoint Presentation
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COMP790-058 Robotics: An Introduction

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COMP790-058 Robotics: An Introduction - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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COMP790-058 Robotics: An Introduction Mon/Wed 11:00am – 12:15pm (SN 115) Dinesh Manocha FB250, 962-1749 Prerequisities

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comp790 058 robotics an introduction
COMP790-058Robotics: An Introduction

Mon/Wed 11:00am – 12:15pm (SN 115)

Dinesh Manocha

FB250, 962-1749

D. Manocha

  • Knowledge of calculus, differential equations, linear algebra and programming is assumed
  • Knowledge of algorithms and analysis is a big plus

D. Manocha

history of robotics
History of Robotics

D. Manocha

textbook references
Textbook & References
  • In-class handouts
  • Other research papers
  • More references (books, papers, pointers to other interesting resources) available at the course website

D. Manocha

course overview
Course Overview
  • Robotics: the study of robot design, programming, and control.
  • A robot: an agent that can be programmed to perform a variety of tasks, both with & without human intervention; it’s often manifested and realized by mechanical and electrical components to carry out its actions in the physical world.

D. Manocha

possible applications
Possible Applications
  • Computer Animation
  • Virtual Environments
  • Design Automation & Rapid Prototyping
  • Haptic Rendering & Interfaces
  • Medical Training & Robot Assisted Procedures
  • Bio-informatics & Computational Chemistry
  • Sensor Networks & Distributed Robotic Systems

D. Manocha

space exploration
Space Exploration

MARS Space Vehicles

D. Manocha

virtual environments
Virtual Environments

Sarco’s Threadport II



Sarco’s Biport

D. Manocha

haptic rendering interfaces
Haptic Rendering & Interfaces

Haptic Painting

Interactive Manipulation

of nanoStructures

D. Manocha

design automation rapid prorotyping
Design Automation & Rapid Prorotyping

General Electric

General Motors

General Motors

D. Manocha

assembly planning
Assembly Planning

Generation of Instruction Manuals

D. Manocha

medical training robot assisted surgery
Medical Training & Robot Assisted Surgery

Third Ventriculostomy

(HT/Immersion Medical)

da Vinci Surgical System

(Intuitive Surgery, Inc.)

Human Simulation (BDI)

D. Manocha

sensor networks distributed robotic systems
Sensor Networks & Distributed Robotic Systems

Multiple Autonomous

Robots (UPENN)

Solar-powered Underwater Robot

for undersea observation

D. Manocha

computer animation
Computer Animation

Character Animation:

ACM SIGGRAPH 1995 (Top) & Pixar Actors (Right Top & Bottom)

M. C. Lin

computer games
Computer Games

Game Playing & AI

Crowd Simulation

D. Manocha

bioinformatics computational chemistry
Bioinformatics & Computational Chemistry
  • Drug Design - molecule docking
  • Studying folding pathways & kinetics

D. Manocha

bio inspired robots
Bio-Inspired Robots

RiSE - Robotics in

Scansorial Enviroments



Climbing Vehicle


Dynamic legged robot

Boadicea – Hexaped

with artificial muscles

D. Manocha

scouting rescue
Scouting & Rescue

Snake Robots Fire Fighting

Underwater Snake Robot

Robot Demining

D. Manocha

entertainment education
Entertainment & Education

ASIMO Humanoid Robot

Sony AIBO Dog

Dream Robot (Sony)

D. Manocha

human robot interaction
Human-Robot Interaction

A robot that moves and interacts with people

D. Manocha

household daily use
Household & Daily Use

Vaccum, Mopping,

& Lawn Mowing

Automobile Route Planning

D. Manocha

darpa grand challenge
DARPA Grand Challenge

Autonomous navigation for a collision-free

132-mile path with obstacle course in a desert

D. Manocha

what will we be doing
What Will We Be Doing
  • Geometry
        • Collision Detection
        • Motion Planning: Single robot and multiple robots
  • Mechanics
        • Forward and Inverse Kinematics
        • Rigid Body Dynamics
        • Articulated Body Dynamics
  • Other introductory materials
        • SLAM
        • Sensing (Computer Vision) & Actuation
        • Control & Optimizations
        • Knowledge Representation & Semantics
        • Biologically-Inspired Robots
        • Applications

D. Manocha

also have fun with roomba s
Also have fun with Roomba’s
  • Programming assignments
        • Simple motion planning on a single Roomba
        • Multiple-robot motion planning

D. Manocha

robotics is getting hot
Robotics is Getting Hot!
  • Success of Roomba
  • DARPA Grand Challenge

  • Humanoid Robots and Social Needs

  • Latest Trend: Internet to Robotics

D. Manocha