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New Developments in Executive Health: John Goolsby and Personal Integrity - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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James Campbell (Jim) Quick John and Judy Goolsby Distinguished Professor The University of Texas at Arlington. New Developments in Executive Health: John Goolsby and Personal Integrity. Recent Research and Best Practices in Occupational Health Psychology 19 August 2005

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Presentation Transcript
James campbell jim quick john and judy goolsby distinguished professor

James Campbell (Jim) Quick

John and Judy Goolsby Distinguished Professor

The University of Texas at Arlington

New Developments in Executive Health:John Goolsby and Personal Integrity

Recent Research and Best Practices in Occupational Health Psychology

19 August 2005

113th APA Annual Convention

Washington, D.C.

Psychology and profits 1929
Psychology and Profits…1929

Donald A. Laird, Ph.D., Sci.D.

  • Director, Colgate Psychological Laboratory

  • Founder, Industrial Psychology Monthly

  • Consulting Psychologist

    Every Executive His Own Psychologist

  • Profits from the right job

  • Profits from less fatigue

  • Profits from personal development

  • Profits from loyal morale

Successful executives 1980s
Successful Executives…1980s

The paradox of self-reliance

- The appearance of independence

- Ainsworth and Bowlby’s APA Award-Winning research

- The health and security of interdependence

Executives to look at

- Lee Iacocca, Ford and Chrysler

- Gordon Forward, Chaparral Steel Company

- Joseph M. (Jody) Grant, Texas Capital Bank

The corporate athlete 2000
The Corporate Athlete…2000

James E. (Jim) Loehr

  • CEO, LGE Performance Systems

  • Harvard Business Review author

  • Exercise Physiologist

    Executives and High Performance Athletes

  • Healthy habits

  • Physiological and physical training

  • Psychological and spiritual well-being

  • PepsiCo Personal Leadership Track

Executive health 2002
Executive Health…2002

Four Dimensions of Executive Health

1. Physical health

2. Psychological well-being

3. Spiritual vitality

4. Ethical character

Source: Jonathan D. Quick, Cary L. Cooper, Joanne H. Gavin, and James Campbell Quick. 2002. Executive Health: Building Self-Reliance for Challenging Times.

International Review of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Volume 17, 182 – 216.

Ethical lapses ugly impacts
Ethical Lapses & Ugly Impacts

The Bad Guys (?)

  • Enron and executive denial of responsibility

    • Ken Lay, Jeff Skilling, Clifford Baxter

  • WorldCom/MCI

    • Bernie Ebbers

      The Good Guy (?)

  • NYS Attorney General Elliot Spitzer

    • Wall Street Scandals

Right from wrong
Right from Wrong (?)

The Clinton-Lewinski Scandal

How do we know ?

1.  Rule-based Ethics – its about actions & behavior

2.  Consequential Ethics – its about consequences

3.  Virtue Ethics – its about intentions

Back to the future
Back to the Future…

President Theodore Roosevelt…

- “Bodily vigor is good,

   and vigor of intellect is even better,

   but far above both is character.”

- Positive virtues - the basis of a successful life

Sources:    Theodore Roosevelt. 1900. Character & success.

“Foundations: Ideas to Build Your Life On” feature in The Outlook.

A better way
A Better Way…

Robert Solomon…and Aristotle

The foundations of ethics and the good life

- Character and personal integrity

- The virtues

- Excellence…anger as an example

Business as a calling and a public service

Its about the questions
Its about the Questions

The Four-Way Test (Rotary International)

1. Is it the truth?

2. Is it fair to all concerned?

3. Will it build good will and better friendships?

4. Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

John and judy goolsby s historic gift
John and Judy Goolsby’s historic gift…

Goolsby Leadership Academy


- Personal integrity and character

- Emotional competence

- Authentic leadership

Strength based leadership
Strength-based Leadership…

Psychological testing and feedback   

Test battery



3. Self-Reliance Inventory

4. Emotional Competence Inventory

5. Authentic Leadership

Healthy executives are not born
Healthy Executives are not born…

- Sir William Osler, the great physician educator

   (1849 - 1919)

- A medical student’s summary during Grand Rounds

  “A typical neurotic.”

- Osler’s response…

“Funny, isn’t it, how they run the world.”

It does not have to be that way!