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James Watt

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James Watt. Chris Champagne. Marisol Guardiola. Alba Prieto. Steve Luna. 1736-1819. Manuel Orozco. Ernesto Jacinto. James Watt. Born in 1736 in Greenock Scotland James Sr. and Agnes One of five children to survive past the age 24. Childhood. James was a very serious minded child

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James Watt

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  1. James Watt Chris Champagne Marisol Guardiola Alba Prieto Steve Luna 1736-1819 Manuel Orozco Ernesto Jacinto

  2. James Watt • Born in 1736 in Greenock Scotland • James Sr. and Agnes • One of five children to survive past the age 24

  3. Childhood • James was a very serious minded child • He was very interested with his aunt’s steam kettle • Developed his mechanical traits at a very young age

  4. Over the years • Spent a great amount of time in his workroom • James liked to watch others at work • He liked to make models • James was very curious about the way things work

  5. As time went on James wanted to be a manufacturer of scientific instruments • He left Greenock for Glasgow in 1754 • Where he met Professor Robert Dick • Professor Dick sent James to london

  6. In London • James was to enter an apprenticeship that would take 7 years • He finished in one year • Working 10 hour days

  7. A change of luck • At the age of 21 James returned to Glasgow University • James was hired by the university in 1757 to repair broken astronomical instruments • Students and Staff regarded him as a friend of the University not as an employee

  8. He was known to be able to repair instruments that he had never seen before • Items such guitars, violins, flutes and even organs • He also went on to build such instruments • You can still see a wind organ Watt made for St. Andrews Church

  9. James watt was married twice in his lifetime • His first marriage to Margaret miller in 1764 • His second to Ann McGregor in 1776 • Had two children with each wife

  10. 1764 • A year that will be remembered for James watt • James was invited by the University to repair a non-working model of the Newcomen engine • This was the start of the Industrial Revolution

  11. The New Watt Engine The final version was shown in 1778 This engine consumed 1/3 Of the steam of the Newcomen engine Used to pump water from the ground

  12. Double-Acting Engine

  13. 1736 Born in Greenock Scotland 1764 Started working on the Newcomen engine 1768 Made a prototype of his improved steam engine 1786 Invented centrifugal governor to control engine speed 1790 Invented pressure gauge 1800 Retires from the business 1819 The Death of James Watt

  14. Horsepower • James watt coined the phrase horsepower • What a horse can do • Horsepower is defined as work done over time One horsepower =33,000lb.-ft/One minute

  15. Light bulb • Watt’s name is on the light bulb • A Watt is considered a unit of power • He didn’t invent the light bulb

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