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Internet2. Greg Wood Director of Communications Internet2 INET’99. Innovating to Close the Gap. More. hype. technological potential. Performance. reality gap. actual performance. Less. Time. Commercialization. Privatization. 21st Century. Interoperable,. Networking.

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Internet2 Greg WoodDirector of CommunicationsInternet2INET’99

  2. Innovating to Close the Gap More hype technological potential Performance reality gap actualperformance Less Time

  3. Commercialization Privatization 21st Century Interoperable, Networking High Performance SprintLink Research &Education InternetMCI US Govt. Networks Networks ANS ARPAnet NSFNET gigabit testbeds Active Internet2, Abilene, vBNS Wireless Advanced US Govt. Networks Quality of Service DWDM (QoS) Partnerships Research and Development

  4. Internet2 and the Next Generation Internet Initiative Internet2 NGI Federal agency-led University-led Developing education and research driven applications Agency mission-driven and general purpose applications Building out campus networks, gigapops and inter-gigapop infrastructure Funding research testbeds and agency research networks Interconnecting and interoperating to provide advanced networking capabilities needed to support advanced research and education applications

  5. Internet2 Goals • Enable new generation of applications • Re-create leading edge R&E network capability • Transfer technology and experience to the global production Internet

  6. Enabling advanced applications...

  7. Advanced Applications • Collaboration • Virtual Laboratories • Visualization and virtual reality • Digital Libraries • All of the above in combination

  8. Sciences Arts Humanities Health care Business/Law Administration … Instruction Collaboration Streaming video Distributed computation Data mining Virtual reality Digital libraries … Many Disciplines and Contexts

  9. Collaborations • Link instruments, data sources, researchers and students

  10. Real-time access to remote instruments University of Pittsburgh,Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center3-D Brain Mapping Virtual Laboratories

  11. Real-time access to remote instruments University of North Carolina, Chapel HillDistributed nanoManipulator Virtual Laboratories

  12. Shared virtual reality University of Illinois at ChicagoVirtual Temporal Bone Teleimmersion Images courtesy Univ. of Illinois-Chicago

  13. The CAVE Source: University of Illinois-Chicago

  14. Video and audio Indiana UniversityVariations Project Digital Libraries

  15. TV News Archive • Vanderbilt University • Started in 1968 • Over 30,000 separate newscasts • Over 9,000 hours of news specials

  16. Video and audio Internet2, iCAIR, IBMInternet2 Videospace Digital Libraries

  17. Large-scale computation University Corporation for Atmospheric Research Distributed Computation Image courtesy of UCAR

  18. Re-creating leading edge networking capabilities...

  19. Middleware Initiatives • Quality of Service: QBone • www.internet2.edu/qbone • Multicast • Distributed Storage: I2-DSI • dsi.internet2.edu • Digital Video: I2-DV • I2MI: Glue Factory • www.internet2.edu/middleware(coming soon)

  20. Internet2 Working Groups • IPv6 • Measurement • Multicast • Network Management • Network Storage • Quality of Service • Routing • Security • Topology

  21. Applications and Engineering Applications Motivate Enables Engineering

  22. End-to-End Networks • Campus networks • GigaPoPs • National backbones

  23. “Typical” Internet2 Campus Network • 100 Mbps to the desktop • ATM campus backbone • DS-3 to OC-12 connection to the gigaPoP

  24. Internet2 GigaPoPs • Predate Internet2 • Aggregate supply and demand • Provides center of expertise • Extend

  25. Internet2 GigaPoPs

  26. Internet2 Backbone Networks vBNS Abilene NGI Backbone Networks DREN ESnet NREN … National Networks

  27. Abilene Router Node Abilene Access Node Operational January 1999 Planned 1999 Abilene Network Seattle Cleveland New York Sacramento Denver Indianapolis Kansas City Los Angeles Atlanta Houston

  28. Abilene Characteristics • 2.4 Gbps (OC48) capacity today • 13,000+ miles of circuits • 70+ universities connected by end of 1999 • National testbed for leading edge technologies • Interconnecting with other national R&E networks

  29. Transferring technology and experience...

  30. Internet2 Universities154 Members as of May 1999 University of Puerto Rico not shown

  31. Lucent Technologies MCI Worldcom Microsoft Newbridge Networks Nortel Networks Packet Engines Qwest Communications StarBurst WCI Cable Xylan 3Com Advanced Network & Services Ameritech AT&T Cabletron Systems Cisco Systems FORE Systems IBM ITC^Deltacom Internet2 Corporate Partners

  32. Technology Transfer Conduits • Collaborating on advanced applications • Deploying pre-commercial infrastructure and protocols • Establishing expertise and human capital

  33. Advanced Networking on the Web • www.internet2.edu • www.internet2.edu/abilene • www.ngi.gov • www.vbns.net • www.advanced.org(National Teleimmersion Initiative)

  34. For More Internet2 Information • On the Web • www.internet2.edu • archives.internet2.edu • Email • ghwood@internet2.edu • info@internet2.edu

  35. www.internet2.edu TM

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