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EDA Training…. …the journey so far 9 February 2009 Ragini Bajaj Chaudhary. Training at a glance. >200 trainings delivered >3,500 participants In India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, East Timor, Ethiopia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Sierra Leone and Sri Lanka

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eda training

EDA Training…

…the journey so far

9 February 2009

Ragini Bajaj Chaudhary

10 eventful years

training at a glance
Training at a glance
  • >200 trainings delivered
  • >3,500 participants
  • In India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, East Timor, Ethiopia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Sierra Leone and Sri Lanka
  • For MFIs, networks, donors and wholesale lenders

Popular Trainings


EDA Clients

training modules
CGAP (1999 -2003)


Financial Analysis

Operational Risk Management

Product Development

Business Planning

Information Systems


Social performance Management

WWB- Citigroup

Management development programme

EDA (2001 – till date)

Principles of Microfinance

Credit Appraisal

Perspective building in mf

Management Information systems

Internal Audit

Risk Management

A series of Micro- enterprise related courses

All CGAP courses contextualised

SPM integrated in all courses

Training Modules…
changing context evolving sector

Arrears Rate

Bad debt write off

Subsidised interest rate

Development package

Slow and steady


Profit Taboo




Loan Loss Reserve

Sustainable interest rates

Stand alone

Fast paced

NBFC, Section 25 Co.

Profit desired

Commercial loans

Changing context … evolving sector
main messages

MFI responsible for portfolio quality

Zero PAR ideal

Interest charged should cover all costs

Yield should be compared with APR


MFI responsible for client protection

Zero PAR comes with a cost.

Do not pass on your inefficiencies to the borrower

APR should be communicated to the client

Main messages …
main messages contd

Efficient processes reduce costs and risks for the MFI.

Financial performance needs to managed and reported.

Financial sustainability is an end in itself.


Process efficiencies not at the cost of transferring risk to the client.

Financial as well as social performance needs to be managed and reported.

Financial sustainability is a means to an end.

Main messages contd…
evolving sector reflected in training demand
Credit appraisal for MFIs no demand since 2006

Accounting and DQ/IR has also come down

FA consistent

Increasing for Risk Management, Strategic Business Planning and SPM

Increased commercial lending in the mf sector since 2005

Increase in professional staff in mf and improved MIS on tracking of overdues

Financial analysis continues to be most useful skill for mf professionals

Increased risks, interest of diverse investors and revived interest in improving mf practice

Evolving sector reflected in training demand
  • Fast growing
  • Geographical spread
  • Language
  • Subsidy driven
  • High attrition of MFI staff
next steps
Next Steps….
  • Online certificate course
  • Introduce courses on HR, OD
  • Publish practical DIY tools derived from research and ratings experience
  • Expand repertoire of courses on SPM practice
We look forward to continuing this journey…

…enhancing skills for ten more years and beyond!