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Africa’s Size and Diversity PowerPoint Presentation
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Africa’s Size and Diversity

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Africa’s Size and Diversity - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Africa’s Size and Diversity. 11.7 million square miles About 3-1/2 times the size of the Continental United States. Dakar to Mogadishu = 4365 miles Chicago to Honolulu = 4250 miles. Tunis to Cape Town = 4885 miles New York to Moscow = 4674 miles. 53 states

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Africa’s Size and Diversity

11.7 million square miles

About 3-1/2 times the size of the

Continental United States

Dakar to Mogadishu = 4365 miles

Chicago to Honolulu = 4250 miles

Tunis to Cape Town = 4885 miles

New York to Moscow = 4674 miles

53 states

888 million people (14% of Earth pop.)

Over 800 ethnic groups and 1000 languages

a diverse african environment
A Diverse African Environment
  • Security Challenges
    • Terrorism & Extremism
    • Piracy and Trafficking
    • Non-Professional / Irregular Militaries
    • Ethnic Strife
    • Undergoverned Areas
  • Opportunities
    • Rapidly growing economies
    • Increasing democratization
    • Emerging regional security and economic communities
    • Growing political will to confront challenges
interagency leaders
Interagency Leaders


Senior Enlisted Leader

Special Staff

Foreign Policy Advisor

Deputy to the Commander for

Military Ops

Deputy to the Commander

Civ-Mil Activities

Senior Development Advisor

Chief of Staff

Office of Shared Services

Operations & Logistics


Strategy, Plans & Programs

Intelligence & Knowledge Development

C4 Systems








Dir. Plans

Dep. Director

Dep. Director

Dep. Director

Dep. Director

Dep. Director


Dir. Programs

Treasury Rep.

DHS Rep.

u s africa command mission statement
U.S. Africa Command Mission Statement

United States Africa Command, in concert with other U.S. Government agencies and international partners, conducts sustained security engagement through military-to-military programs, military-sponsored activities, and other military operations as directed to promote a stable and secure African environment in support of U.S. foreign policy.

  • Reduce conflict
  • Improve security
  • Defeat violent extremism
  • Support crisis response

Our focus is to build the capacity of our African partners to:


Our Team in Africa

Offices of Security Cooperation (OSCs)

Defense Attaché Officers

w/o an OSC

AFRICOM Liaison Officers

Bilateral Assistance Officers

Maritime Assistance Officers

OEF-TS Security Assistance Officers

Liaison officer in Southern Sudan

Combined Joint Task Force – Horn of

Africa (CJTF-HOA)

CJTF-HOA Country Coordination Element

our approach
Our Approach

Persistent, Sustained Level of Effort

Build Partner

Security Capacity

Supporting USG Efforts to Encourage Dialogue and Development

Promote Strategic


Conduct Civil-Military Activities to Foster Stability


Crisis Response

Oriented on Preventing Conflict…

…to Enable the Work of Africans

committed for the long term
Committed for the Long Term

Maintaining a persistent level of effort across Programs




Foreign military sales or grants, and training

Listening and Learning –Building Trust and Confidence

Training, exercises and building the training base




Enabling the work of Africans!

Build sustainment capacity,cross-service agreements

Instilling professionalism among officers and NCOs






Sao Tome & Principe

Africa Partnership Station (APS)

  • Themes
    • Maritime Security and Safety are vital to regional prosperity
    • US and partners are committed to enabling African solutions
    • Building trust through transparency and collaboration
  • Successful Development
    • Coalition support
    • NGO participation
  • USS Fort McHenry: Nov 07 – Apr 08
  • HSV Swift:
  • Jan 08 –Jun 08
state partnership program
State Partnership Program

Utah -- Morocco

Since 2003

Wyoming -- Tunisia

Since 2004

Vermont -- Senegal

In-Progress since April 2007

N. Dakota -- Ghana

Since 2004

California -- Nigeria

Since 2006

N. Carolina -- Botswana

In-Progress since April 2007

New York -- South Africa

Since 2003

Partners a U.S. state’s National Guard with an African partner for training, exercise, and relationship building




  • Africa Contingency Operations Training and Assistance (ACOTA) program
  • The US has been training African peacekeepers through ACOTA (or ACRI) since 1997
    • Enhances existing African peace keeping capabilities
    • Focuses on infantry skills, humanitarian operations, human rights, and rules of engagement in peacekeeping scenarios
    • Trains approximately 20 battalions a year

Liberia Security Sector Reform

  • $209M over four years to create a new Liberian army by 2008
    • ~ 2000 soldiers to be trained
    • Brigade HQ, 2 infantry battalions, MP company, band
    • Contractor-provided training, AFRICOM-provided mentors
    • Provides all training, equipment, and infrastructure construction
    • AFRICOM commitment: 3 years
  • UN Mission in Liberia (since Sep 03)
    • Mission: To provide security
    • for country of Liberia
    • $714.9M for UN FY06
    • ~ 17,000 total personnel
    • 90 fatalities

Maritime Security

  • Goals:
    • Improved maritime domain awareness
    • Enhanced African regional maritime security and regional cooperation
    • Reduced piracy and “freedom of action” of traffickers and terrorists
    • Illegal fishing is countered
    • Enhanced sovereignty and security
  • AFRICOM actions:
    • Ship visits and maritime training
    • Provision of equipment
      • Boats, Coastal Radars, and Automated Identification Systems (AIS)

Air Security

Broad expanses of “ungoverned airspace”

  • AFRICOM, through 17th Air Force, supports USG “Safe Skies for Africa” program
  • Goal is to improve radar coverage and air traffic control over Africa
    • Presently, radar coverage is limited
  • Costs of “ungoverned” airspace
    • Potential for trafficking
    • Poor air safety
    • Reduction in economic
  • potential


  • OEF-Trans-Sahara is AFRICOM’s effort to:
    • Build regional capacity
    • Promote interoperability
    • Strengthen Inter-regional cooperation in the trans-Sahara region
  • Trans-Sahara Counter Terrorism Partnership (TSCTP) is the US Department of State program in these same nations
other theater security cooperation programs
Other Theater Security Cooperation Programs

Military Education

promoting professionalism, enhancing capacity

International Military Education and Training (IMET)

Combating Terrorism Fellowship Program (CTFP)

  • Training and Equipping
  • enhancing security capacity
    • Foreign Military Finance (FMF)
    • Military to Military Engagement (M2M)
other theater security cooperation programs 2
Other Theater Security Cooperation Programs (2)

Programs Relating to National Defense Authorization Act

Section 1206 programs

Section 1207 programs

  • Civil-Military Programs
  • helping prevent conflict
    • Humanitarian Mine Action (HMA)
    • DoD HIV/AIDS Prevention Program (DHAPP)
partnership development
Partnership Development
  • Goal: To build on regional relationships with African Union and sub-regional organizations
  • AFRICOM supports regional cooperation and coalition development through conferences and workshops