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Omar Todd WikiLeaks Party Founder PowerPoint Presentation
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Omar Todd WikiLeaks Party Founder

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Omar Todd WikiLeaks Party Founder
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Omar Todd WikiLeaks Party Founder

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  1. Omar Todd WikiLeaks Party Founder Omar Todd is a Founder, Director and Deputy Chairman for the WikiLeaks Party, which was formed in Australia in 2013 with the aim of putting into practice the work that WikiLeaks has started in terms of exposing corruption and shining a spotlight on issues of social injustice. He believes that individuals can force change through positive actions, making use of technology and science to stand up for what is right by attaining transparency and governmental accountability.

  2. Omar Todd Sea Shepherd Global Omar Todd’s affiliation with Sea Shepherd Global began in 2008, when he started volunteering for the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. His dedication and hard work lead to him being promoted in 2012 to the active position of Global Technical Director for Sea Shepherd Global, which manages all of the Sea Shepherd entities throughout the world. He is also responsible for much of the organization’s social media presence and has been instrumental in raising the non-profit’s profile, building a community of millions of supporters in the process.

  3. Omar Todd Film Executive and Producer In addition to his work with Sea Shepherd Global and Australia’s WikiLeaks Party, Omar Todd has made use of film as a vehicle to help enact social change and provide more information to people who are concerned about the state of the environment. He has acted as an Executive and Producer on films like Confessions of an Eco-Terrorist and Defend, Conserve, Protect. The former won the Audience Choice Award at the 2012 Cinema Verde Film and Arts Festival.

  4. Omar Todd Social Media Expert Omar Todd is a social media guru who understands the power of sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, both in terms of creating exposure for brands and also in regards to the potential such sites offer for the sharing of information. He has worked with celebrities, business owners and non-profits to help them increase their social media profiles. His work led to him being nominated as a finalist for Best Social Media Manager at the Shorty Industry Awards in 2013.

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