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  1. Wikileaks By Ruth & Becca

  2. Overview Of Wikileaks Wikileaks is a non profitable online organization that publishes private and secret information. The information is leaked by volunteers. The website launched in 2006 claiming over 1.2 million documents in its first year. Julian Assange is the founder of Wikileaks and is also a internet activist. Wikileaks has released many stories that have later become first page news on a number of newspapers. The company is made up of a few staff, and is added to by members of the public. In July 2010 Wikileaks leaked Afghan War diary's that obtained the names of 77 thousand people who had died during the war.

  3. Julian Assange • Born: 3rd July 1971 • Assange is a Australian publisher and internet activist. • Editor and chief of wikileaks (formed in 2006) • Assange has lived in many countries over the years • Julian has received many nominations and awards, including TIME magazines person of the year in 2010. • On the 7th December 2010 Julian Assange went into British custody when a European warrant for his arrest was issued in request to a Swedish investigation of sexual assault. After 10 days in confinement he was released on bail and ordered to contact police everyday. Assange appealed the decision made claiming the allegations where without basis.

  4. News Worthy Leaks 1- Gordon Brown was invited to D-day because his government was in trouble The foreign advisor said that Gordon Brown was only invited to D- day 65th anniversary in Normandy because his government was in trouble. 2- Ghanaian police helped drug smugglers evade security into Britain Ghanaian police misuse scanning equipment and tip off potential drug smugglers who are attempting to come into England. 3- Uk police helped “Developed” evidence against the McCans The British police helped to develop evidence against the McCans as they where being investigated by the Portuguese police. In the leaked cable the US ambassador stated “Without delving into the details of the case, Ellis admitted that the British police had developed the current evidence against the McCann parents, and he stressed that both countries where working together co-operatively”. 4- Russia “was tracking killers of Alexander Litvinenko but Uk warned it off” Russia was tracking the assassins of Alexander Litvinenko before he was chemically poisoned but was warned off by Uk police, who said the situation was “Under Control”, Alexander was later murdered by polonium poisoning. 5- Uk citizens at risk if Megrahi dies in prison, warns Libya The US ambasator warned the Uk that there would be dire consequences if Lockerbie bomber Megrahi died in Scottish prison. Megrahi has made threats that British Citizens may be at risks. 6- “Rude prince Andrew” shocks US ambassator Prince Andrew lauched a rude and attack on British and Canadian business people at a offical engagement.

  5. 7-British Connection in US corruption scandal An agent was hired in 2000 for an oil services contract. The company was awarded the contract because of the support of Roy Fearnley a Uk citizen, he later received $4.1 million into his english bank account from the company. 8- Uk government toughens stance on bank bonuses On January 1st a code of practice regarding large firms to report in detail their companies policies on bank loans. The Uk banks signed onto this code of conduct but said they felt pressured to sign. 9- Marks and Spencer's at centre of Libya drama Marks and Spencer's opened a store in Tripoli in April that has caused a lot of controversy. The store has already been closed twice by the Libyan authorities, the Libyan prime minster has become involved in the matter and states that the franchise should be sold to government officials or expect immediate freeze on the import of stock and be closed within a year. 10- Obama privately told of Berlusconi’s secret business deals Obama is told about the business deals between the Italian prime minister and the Russian leader, the pairs close friendship has distorted political views.