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Community Meetings Parent Information PowerPoint Presentation
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Community Meetings Parent Information

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Community Meetings Parent Information
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Community Meetings Parent Information

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  1. Community Meetings Parent Information

  2. BYOD Defined... Calhoun County Schools defines BYOD as a privately-owned, Internet capable electronic mobile device (see handbook for specific devices that can be brought to school) that can be used during the school day to increase student engagement and facilitate learning.

  3. Student, Teacher & Parent Guide Each student & parent will receive a copy of the Student, Teacher & Parent Guide. This document contains information about the BYOD Learning Initiative in Calhoun County Schools. Each parent & student is required to sign the contract located at the end of the document to allow their student to bring their device(s). This guide also contains a FAQ section for students and teachers.

  4. SAFETY FIRST Students should connect their device to the CCSPOD network. Students who have mobile plans on their devices MUST connect to the CCSPOD network -- this ensures that their Internet is being filtered. Teachers will incorporate responsible use of devices as part of classroom instruction. Procedural

  5. SECURITY AND DAMAGES Calhoun County Schools is not liable for any device that is stolen or damaged. Students and parents should LABEL their devices/cases with personal markings to identify the device. Procedural

  6. TEACHERS ROLE Teachers are facilitators of learning. Therefore, they should not spend time fixing technical difficulties with students’ personal devices in the classroom. Teachers should educate and provide guidance on how to use the device, but are not responsible for technical support. Procedural

  7. CHARGING DEVICES Students should come to school with their device fully charged. If a student needs to charge their device, it will be up to the classroom teacher to decide if they can or not. Procedural

  8. Students are allowed to bring a MAXIMUM of 2 of the following devices: Kindle Kindle FireNintendo dsiAndroid Smart PhoneiPhoneNookWireless Capable Mini-LaptopWireless Capable LaptopiPadiPod TouchOther Tablet Allowed Devices

  9. Students Will... • bring their devices to school fully charged. only use headphones and earphones when directed by school personnelnot use any technology to harass, threaten, demean, humiliate, intimidate, embarrass or annoy fellow students or others in their community. This unacceptable student behavior, known as cyber bullying, will not be tolerated. and will be subject to disciplinary their personal devices in appropriate areas (book bags, lockers, etc.) Student Responsibilities

  10. Devices cannot be used, unless directed by school personnel. Students must immediately comply with teachers’ requests to shut down devices or close the screen. Students must put away DEVICES when directed by teachers. Students should not use devices in bathrooms or locker rooms. Student Responsibilities

  11. Universal Statement across the district for: Eyes on the Teacher “Hands Up” this means that students should raise both hands and look at the staff member Procedural

  12. Universal Statement across the district for: Put Your Device Away “X-Out” this means that students should put their devices away. Procedural

  13. Students are NOT ALLOWED to download apps at school Teachers should NEVER say to a student “you HAVE to have this app.” Encourage students to download apps at home prior to coming to school. Provide a list of apps that you would encourage parents to download for their child. But do not make it mandatory. Procedural

  14. Provide Information Here for Who to Contact for Questions... Contact Information