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2013 Chanhassen Baseball Parent Information Meetings PowerPoint Presentation
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2013 Chanhassen Baseball Parent Information Meetings

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2013 Chanhassen Baseball Parent Information Meetings
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2013 Chanhassen Baseball Parent Information Meetings

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  1. 2013 Chanhassen Baseball Parent Information Meetings BASEBALL March 13th- YOUTH IN-HOUSE, TOURNAMENT 9s-12s, and METRO/13s-15s BASEBALL

  2. Presentation Outline • Program Update/Opening Remarks/2012 Highlights • Meet the Board • Coach Cullen Bahn and Chanhassen Baseball Philosophy • 2013 Program Overviews (in-house, tournament,and metro) • Tryout/Evaluation Process : in-house/tournament • Safety Areas of Importance • Key Dates • Volunteering • CAA Baseball and Softball Apparel • Dugout Club • Sponsors • Question and Answer

  3. Program Update/Overview • Welcome to the 2013 CAA Baseball and Softball Season • UPDATES OF NOTE: • Pitch2Pitch • Cooperstown Team & Fundraising • Fall Tryouts. • Open Board Positions (Secretary & Baseball Director of Hosted Tournaments – 6/7-6/9). • Financial philosophy of teams/divisions being self-sufficient.  Surplus amounts go to field improvements, etc. • MBT 11A State Tournament, 7/12-7/14.

  4. Board Members • Larry Lovig, President • Eric Thomes, VP of Softball and Baseball- Scholarships • SOFTBALL • Ted Ellefson- VP, Softball • Meg Stone- Director, In-house Softball • Chad Schwartz, Director, Travel Softball • Jennifer Gans, Player Agent • BASEBALL • Chad Hake, VP Baseball • Dave Windschitl, Director 5s-8s In-house baseball • Brian Benkstein, Director, 9s-12s In-house baseball • Mike Larson, Director, Tournament Baseball • RechelleHollowaty, Player Agent • Open, Director, Hosted Baseball Touraments • Todd Neils, Director, 13+ In-house/Metro Baseball

  5. Board Members • Angel Whiteside, Director Volunteers • Joe Witterschein, Director, Safety Office • Joe Witterschein, Opening Day • John Pitz, Treasurer • OPEN, Secretary • Craig Stacey, League Information Officer • Advisor Baseball: Cullen Bahn, Chan High School Varsity Baseball Coach

  6. Twitter @chanbaseball

  7. Chanhassen Stadium

  8. Saturday Sandlot - Green Sheet • April 6th • Chanhassen Stadium • 5-6 year olds – 8-9:45am • 7-8 year olds – 10-11:45am • Must register by March 22nd

  9. Youth Night – Gold Sheet • May 3rd vs. Chaska • Chanhassen Stadium • Time: 7pm • We invite all youth players to join us on the field for the National Anthem and stand by your favorite Storm player or position!

  10. HR Derby – Blue Sheet • April 20th – 3-9pm • Make-up night May 10th – 4-10pm • Second annual HR Derby • To build community relationships • Have some fun • Interact with Storm players • Get a T-shirt • Must register by April 1st

  11. White Sheet Registration closes May 31st

  12. Visit Our Website! -Click for the website- Follow us on Twitter @chanbaseball

  13. Registration closes May 31st

  14. You can also print this and send it Community Education

  15. BASEBALL 5s-8s • Coach Pitch • Philosophy • Uniforms & Equipment • Key Dates • Practices should start last week of April with season concluding July 2nd • Coaches • Coaches Meeting April 14th

  16. BASEBALL 5s-8s • Machine Pitch • Philosophy • Uniforms & Equipment • Key Dates • Weather permitting- practices begin mid- April • Regular season concludes July 2nd • End-of-season tournament- July 8th-July 17th • Coaches • Coaches meeting April 14th

  17. BASEBALL 9s-12s •  Goals / Objectives / Philosophy – 9-12 • Fun • Learn the game • Get better 4. Play next year

  18. BASEBALL 9s-12s • 2013 Divisions • Rookies (9 year olds, some 10’s) • Rookies cannot play “up” unless needed to round out Minors teams • Minors (10’s) • Majors (11’s and 12’s) • Blue – Top evaluated 12’s and 11’s and tournament players of same age • Gold – Balance of 12’s and11’s; some top 10’s

  19. BASEBALL 9s-12s • Majors Divisions Last year – a success! • Player development / Confidence • More competitive, especially in Blue Division • More fun •  Expectations • Players • Parents • Coaches

  20. BASEBALL 9s-12s • Age Coordinators for 2013 Season (Thank you!) • Rookies – Chad Kamann • Minors – Tim Van Holland • Majors – Nate Smith •  Reminder – Key Dates – In-House (9-12) • Rookie Evaluations – March 15, Chan HS • Minors / Majors / Tourney Evaluations – March 16 and 17 • Evaluation Times posted on website. • Use Key Dates Tab on website!!

  21. BASEBALL 9s-12s • Contact Information • Brian Benkstein, Director of Baseball (9-12) • e-mail: bbenkstein@felhaber.com • 612-373-8538 (w) • 952-401-3315 (h) QUESTIONS?

  22. EVALUATION PROCESSIn-house 9s-12s • Evals are used to place players at appropriate level and/or to balance teams. All players who register and pay are placed on a team • Players will be assigned eval. Time • Check in 30 minutes to eval time • Bring helmet, glove, and bat (must have 1.15 BPF label- either big barrel or little barrel are okay to use at the evaluations by the player) • Sneakers (no spikes)and comfortable clothes- shorts are fine (no baseball training programs like Nevers, P2P or Hit Dawg or previous tournament teams should be on clothing) • 4 stations: • Pitching (scored 1-7 on form, velocity, and accuracy) • Hitting (scored 1-7 for form, contact, and quality) • Fielding (scored 1-7 for form and arm strength) • Catching (OPTIONAL): indicate they want to catch • Scored 1-7 for form and arm strength) • Players are placed in levels based on eval results

  23. CONCUSSION SAFETY • Minnesota Legislature Concussion Law Passed September 1st, 2011 • Mandates: • All coaches and officials receive concussion training and education (3-year intervals) • Coaches MUST remove athlete from activity if they exhibit signs or behaviors or are suspected of sustaining a concusion • Law requires health care professional signature to return to play if athlete is removed • CAA has already instituted training- available on our Website for anyone- provided by Centers for Disease Control • All aspects of the law will be STRICTLY Upheld by CAA baseball and softball

  24. IMPORTANT – The minimum requirement is a NATIONAL check of ALL Sex Offender Registries. Little League Volunteer Application Form use is required for background checks Required to conduct checks for all managers, coaches, Board of Directors members, league officials, umpires, elected members, and any other persons, volunteers or hired workers, who provide regular service to the league and/or has with repetitive access to , or contact with players or teams BACKGROUND CHECK MANDATORY! Enhancing Safety

  25. Key Focus Areas Why We Care: Dugout Area always a TROUBLE spot!! • Reducing avoidable injuries like this player hit by a bat in the dugout PLAYERS & COACHES ONLY in bench area!!

  26. Critical Safety Item • Rule 1.10 - Baseball - Little League (Majors) and below: all bats used in practices and games must meet BPF Standards (Bat Performance Factor) A BPF 1.15 Label or Text Certification must be on the bat. No 1.15 – No Use See LL bat info link on CAA web site http://www.littleleague.org/Assets/forms_pubs/2012LicensedBatList.pdf

  27. Key Safety Items to Remember • Report all injuries to League Safety Officer for tracking • Use common sense • Umpires can over rule coaches about field condition • Game is cancelled at FIRST SIGN of lightning, NO EXCEPTIONS!

  28. Other areas of Safety focus • Only players, coaches and umpires may be on the fields- games & practices! • Catchers mask must be worn during pitchers warm up • If a player throws equipment, they must be removed from the game: NO EXCUSES

  29. Key Dates • YOUTH BASEBALL: • Baseball in-house rookies/9s evaluations: Friday, March 15 (schedule posted) • Baseball in-house 10s-12s evaluations: Saturday, March 16 (schedule posted) • Baseball 9s-12s- tournament team tryouts: Sunday, March 17th (Schedule posted) • Opening Day/Pictures Day: Saturday, May 4th • Baseball 7s-12s In-house Playoffs: • July 8th-17th • July 12th-July 14th- MBT 11A State Tournament Hosted by CAA (lots of volunteer opportunities)

  30. Cooperstown Team

  31. Cooperstown Team Chanhassen Athletic Association’s 12-year-old Cooperstown 2013 Baseball Dreams Team •  For the 1st time, in 2013 CAA is sending a 12-year-old baseball team to Cooperstown Dreams Park for the week of June 29th thru July 5th in Cooperstown, NY.   • 104 Teams per week from across the globe play in the National Tournament.  Players stay on site at the Village of Cooperstown and all players & coaches are inducted into the American Youth Baseball Hall of Fame and receive the coveted American Youth Baseball Hall of Fame ring, regardless of finish.  Teams play a minimum of 7 games.  • See the below link for more information about the tournament: • http://www.cooperstowndreamspark.com/cdpopening.asp

  32. Cooperstown Team • The Cooperstown Dream Team is looking for sponsors and individual contributions to offset the costs of the trip. • Matthew Boyum Zack Fox • Carson Hake Logan Johnson • Jacob Konz Hans Lovig • Jacob Miller Brendan O’ Connor • Eric Rinzel Grant Walz • Preston Willier David Jones (“Jonesy”)- UMPIRE

  33. CAA Storm Youth Baseball Coaches Handbook http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=KAOq0uhNL2A http://www.hudl.com/presview/122462

  34. CHANHASSEN APPAREL • Provided from Lakeside promotions • Available at all evaluation days • In-house, tournament, metro, and travel softball • 15% of proceeds directly refunded back to baseball and softball programs • Mandatory fittings for both in-house and tournament teams • Opportunity to order extra pants/socks for tournament teams

  35. Baseball Board Positions Secretary – Open Board Meetings – Open to Public New Volunteers Are Always Welcome!!!

  36. Tournament Team Baseball Tournament Team Baseball Who: • Players age 9 through 12 as of April 30th, each year • Players must be rostered on a C.A.A. In-House team in order to participate • All Players attend 2-day try outs • Three different skill levels per age group (A, AA, and AAA), except at 9’s…teams are equally weighted and compete at 10A level. 10 AAA Team takes 1st place at the Eden Prairie Tournament – Mother’s Day, 2012

  37. Tournament Team Baseball Tournament Team Baseball What: • Represent the C.A.A. in 4 weekend baseball tournaments around the state of Minnesota • More competitive level of play for advanced players that challenges participants across all age groups • An additional 12 to 30 games per season, depending on team results and weather conditions. 11 AAA team celebrates after a big homerun

  38. Tournament Team Baseball Tournament Team Baseball When: • Four weekends in May-June, with the opportunity to qualify for State tournaments in July. • Each team will have one overnight tournament at an outstate location (Rochester, Brainerd, Mankato, etc.) How: See Tournament Team information on C.A.A. Website, or contact Mike Larson 2012 – 12 AA Team celebrates 1st place finish at MBT State Tournament

  39. Tournament Team Baseball Tournament Team Baseball 2013 Schedule – 9 Year Old Teams Complete listing of all teams on C.A.A. Baseball Website

  40. Tournament Team Baseball Tournament Team Baseball Pre-Season Player Tryouts How: • In-Gym Evaluations are combined with Prior Season player evals and are used to determine teams. NOTE - Players MAY be cut • Players should wear/bring: • Glove, helmet, and bat (with 1.15 BPF label) • Sneakers (no cleats) • Comfortable clothes (shorts are fine) • Players may NOT wear clothing that affiliates them with training programs like Players Only, P2P, Hit Dawg, or any previous tournament teams • Independent evaluators in closed gym, and all stations are run by Chanhassen High School Baseball coaching staff – no parents are allowed in any volunteer capacity within the gym

  41. Tournament Eval Process Tournament Eval Process Tournament Team 9s-12s Pre-Season Player Tryouts Skills: • Pitching:Players will warm-up and pitch to catcher • Score of 1-7 for form, velocity, and accuracy • Hitting Front Toss: Players hit front toss coming from L screen • Score of 1-7 for form, contact, and quality • Hitting Cage: Players will hit pitches from machine in cage • Score of 1-7 for form, quality, and contact • Infield: Fielding ground balls from SS and making throw to 1B • Score of 1-7 for form, fielding, and arm strength • Outfield: Players will field fly balls thru a drill and make a throw • Score of 1-7 for form, field, and arm strength • Catching (OPTIONAL): Players who evaluate are indicating they want to catch • Score of 1-7 for form/receiving, blocking, and arm strength

  42. Tournament Eval Process Tournament Eval Process Tournament Team 9s-12s Pre-Season Player Tryouts Process: • Evaluation Stations (sample 2-hour timing): • 10 Minutes – Warm Ups • 60 Minutes – Cycle #1 (3 stations @ 20 minutes each) • Batting vs. Machine (10 swings per player) • Pitching, all from the Stretch (10 warm-up throws, 10 game mound pitches) • Infield – Shortstop technique and throw to 1st base (4 attempts per player) • 40 Minutes – Cycle #2 (2 stations @ 20 minutes each) • Batting vs. Flip Toss (8 swings per player) • Outfield – Fly-ball technique and throw accuracy (4 attempts per player)

  43. Chanhassen Gym Layout Chanhassen Gym Layout Chanhassen Gym Layout I I I I I I I Hit vs. Machine (10 Swings) Hit Front Toss (10 Swings) 10 Warm / 10 Live 10 Warm / 10 Live Station #1 - Hitting Station #2 - Infield & Outfield Station #3 - Pitching & Catching = Instructor / Evaluator

  44. Tournament Team Baseball Tournament Team Baseball Post Season Coach Evaluations Each Head Coach receives a scorecard on how they compare to their peers. Your feedback is vital to our success and always 100% anonymous.

  45. Tournament Team Baseball Tournament Team Baseball How the Evaluations are used Next season’s interview panels will receive information on how a coach performed in the prior year. - - “This Candidate is Coach D from last year.”

  46. HOSTED TOURNAMENT • 1 weekends: June 7-9 (11s and 10s) • Key Volunteer Positions Needed This Year • Concessions Manager (need 2) • Field Manager (need 2) • Plenty of volunteer opportunities posted • Event brings in $2500 to $4000 to the program used to buy equipment, field improvements, and supplies for the entire league • Promotes Chanhassen as a diamond sports community