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Parent Information

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Parent Information
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  1. Parent Information 5th Grade Little Paws are our Cause!!!

  2. Meet the Teachers Mr. Crumbley Ms. Deloach Mrs. Glenn Mrs. Kepler

  3. Coach • Morning Workout Club

  4. Just the Bear Necessities • Each student is expected to follow the standards of conduct. • Come to class prepared. • Listen and follow directions. • Show respect to the teacher. • Keep hands to yourself and be safe. • Use appropriate language and gestures. • Respect school property. • Parents are expected to sign their child’s agenda each day.

  5. • Each class at ASES will be using Class Dojo to keep track of positive and negative behaviors through out the day. • As a grade level, we are giving a weekly reward of extra recess as well as other incentives. • If you have not connected to, please contact your child’s teacher so they can print out a new parent code for you!

  6. Dress Code ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEDURE Descriptive Code: JCDB-R(1) ELEMENTARY DRESS CODE Date: 5/22/07 Every student enrolled in Douglas County Schools is expected to observe a standard of grooming and dress consistent with the level of formality of the school setting. Certain items of dress are not considered appropriate and therefore, are not acceptable, and could result in a child having to call parents at home or work to bring more appropriate clothing. Examples include (but are not limited to) the following: a. Hats, visors, hoods pulled up, sweat bands, skull caps, bandanas or other head garments including non-prescription sunglasses worn inside the building; b. Beach or shower shoes, bare feet, flip flops or rubber and/or metal cleats are not allowed in school or on buses; d. Clothing that shows the bare midriff, bare back or the bare shoulders. e. Tank tops; Tank tops are not permitted in 4th and 5thgrades. Shoulders must be covered. f. See-through or mesh clothing unless worn over other apparel; j. All pants which are not worn at the waist; m. Shorts, dresses and skirts that are too tight, too short, (five inches from the top of the kneecap) or not worn at the waist are not permitted; o. Holes or patches above the knee. Good taste and good judgment should be used by parents and students alike in the selection of school dress. Many “fads” in dress are not appropriate. The school administration reserves the right to determine if certain other items are too casual, too revealing or too distracting from the learning environment to be considered appropriate for school. Health and safety of all students will be taken into consideration when making decisions regarding appropriate/inappropriate attire, including the tucking of shirts. Full version is in the Student Handbook. *Leggings are NOT seen as pants. If leggings are worn to school outer garments are required to be worn and MUST meet all dress code requirements.

  7. Reading Goals • Each student is expected to read at least 15 books each semesterand earn one puzzle piece. • Students must pass AR test with 80% or better. • Students are also expected to meet Accelerated Reader point goals that are set by their teacher. • Students will choose books according to their Lexile score as well as with teacher’s guidance.

  8. New grading procedures • Douglas County has instituted a new grading policy. This will be a year of transition for all of us. • First – Fifth Grades: • A = 90 to 100 • B = 80 to 89 • C = 71 to 79 • D = 70 • F = 69 and below

  9. Grades will be taken at least once a week in every subject. Sometimes these grades will come as CDAs, tests, classwork, and/or announced or unannounced quizzes. • Work will be returned in Bear Fax on Mondays.

  10. State Testing

  11. County Wide Assessments • AIMSweb • CDAs- Common District Assessments

  12. Going Green • Due to budget cuts we are relying on our website to distribute information through out our classes and the entire school. Please check the website regularly to stay informed about the events happening around the school! • Registering with PTSO is another way to receive important information.

  13. Ways to help us earn money • Box Tops • Labels for education • Campbell’s soup cans • Tyson Chicken products

  14. Fifth grade activities • Fifth grade has two grade level parties each year: Winter Party and End of Year Party. • Fifth grade also has many end of the year activities including Awards Day and Student Breakfast. • Our grade level field trip will occur in the Spring.

  15. Early Check Out • We discourage parents from checking out their children after 2:00. Dismissal begins each day at 2:40. When a child is checked out before this time they are missing valuable instruction. Our goal is to provide your child with an excellent education in a safe environment. Approval for check out after 2:00 in case of an emergency may be obtained from Mrs. Joe or Dr. Abell. • To ensure the safety of every child, check out will not be permitted during dismissal. Dismissal occurs between 2:40 and 3:00. Party Invitations • Party invitations can not be passed out at school at any time or in any form. Homework • Students are expected to complete homework assignments as they are given. Fifty to sixty minutes is the approximate amount of time it should take to do this. In addition, Reading 20 minutes each night is also expected. If needed, students are given the opportunity to complete all missed assignments inside during recess.


  17. Mixed Bag Designs Fundraiser • New school fundraiser selling reusable bags • Something for everyone! • School profits 40-45 % on items sold • Students selling 5 or more items attend party with SpongeBob!

  18. Last Days of Summer Festival • Kicking off Festival early this year: • SAVE THE DATE – September 13, 2014 • Tickets on sale soon • New features this year • Kona Ice Truck and Game Truck! • Need parent volunteers

  19. PTSO Registration • Forms sent home by students • Please complete registration form ASAP if you haven’t already • No cost to join PTSO

  20. Car Magnets • New ASES car magnets • On sale now for $5 • Look for them in afternoon carpool, grade level night, and other PTSO events