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By Ethan Sauce

By Ethan Sauce

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By Ethan Sauce

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  1. By Ethan Sauce

  2. What is Top Gear? Top Gear is the nations biggest motoring show And its been running since 1977 which means That its 35 years old! Its incredibly funny and Entertaining but sometimes quite rude.

  3. Who presents it? In 1977 TOP GEAR was presented by Jeremy Clarkson (AKA JEZZA) with William Woollard, Angela Rippon and Noel Edmonds. When it was Re-launched in 2002 Jezza had found 2 other Colleges called Richard Hammond and James May Richards nickname is THE HAMSTER and James Is CAPTAIN SLOW clearly because he doesnt really Drive as many supercars as the other 2 there is also The stig who is a completely anonymous person.

  4. SHOWTIME! On the show the crew will get hold of some insanely powered cars like some Ferraris and Lamborghinis. They have their own test track which is a runway which is rarely used. On that very run way they have their own custom made Top Gear test track which has some sharp turns and extremely dangerous corners. They test supercars on the test track using there best racing driver A.K.A The Stig. They have a time which keeps records of each laptime posted by each car that they test. On each show apart from specials at Christmas or any other time, they always have a special celebrity guest on the show who does the lap of the track in a reasonably priced car. They will first interview the person in the studio and Jeremy Clarkson will commentate on each celebrities lap and will then reveal there lap time and see if they did good or bad. (The average lap time is 1:47, a bad lap is over 2:00 and a brilliant lap is around 1:39.)

  5. THE CARS Cars on Top Gear are awesomely cool and makes people want to buy them because they look so good. They explain what the cars do by performing simplish tests. At the end of each test they will say that if the car is worth the money.

  6. THE SPECIALS Every year Top Gear does a special episode which is not in The UK they usually get a small budget of about £2000 but in a different currency . They have 1 goal which can lead to many different challenges along the way . The main goal is to usually get from one place to another which will take them days upon days to get there . It’s usually Jezza that wins because he’s all about power and speed

  7. CREDITS Special thanks to: Windows 7 Microsoft Office 2010 Mum and Dad for buying me a brand new laptop because my old one died!!!!!! NEW LAPTOP