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AllTrips Sustainability PowerPoint Presentation
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AllTrips Sustainability

AllTrips Sustainability

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AllTrips Sustainability

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  1. AllTrips Sustainability Uncommon Sense Final Presentation Not So Big Class April 2011

  2. What We Do: We build online travel planning guides for over 30 destinations across the US. We focus on national park areas and outdoor recreation destinations. We work with area content, ad driven sales, search engine rankings, click data. Our websites bear the similarity of an “All” tagline before the area name.

  3. A Sample of our Site

  4. Who and Where We Are: We are a 12 person, tight knit company. Based in Jackson, Bozeman, Victor, Star Valley, Portland, ME and on the road Began 15 years ago as a travel guide for the Jackson, Grand Teton & Yellowstone We have a central office in Jackson – 800 sq ft space on Broadway The majority of our employees work from home offices or virtually on the road. Travel isn’t just our business, it’s what we do.

  5. Why We Joined Yellowstone Business Partnership and UnCommon Sense Learn from like minded businesses We have the ability to reach over 6 million people each year. Needed the right message to reach them. Be inspired, educated and informed.

  6. Module 1: Leading the Way - Carli Who is our internal work group? If the changes affect everyone, involve everyone Analyze our JH Office vs Home Offices

  7. Surveying and Discussion We surveyed all of our 12 employees Everyone was on board. Some had concerns: - Would changes affect us, clients, visitors? - Time Commitment? Sustainable changes need to be a priority

  8. From Vertical Media to AllTrips We were in need of a new mission statement. What did we want our vision to say about us? Core values: Dependable, Valuable, Human, Informative Sustainable was referenced over and over Sustainable: We believe in healthy growth that protects and replenishes ourselves, our communities and the planet.

  9. So What Did We Come Up With? We empower you to discover, enjoy and protect the places we love.

  10. Internal Communication Strategy We use a software program called BaseCamp daily Manage our projects, tasks, due dates future goals We created a project called “GREENIFY” 1 or 2 employees per what interested them Set up task work, due dates, ideas and resources

  11. A Look At How Base Camp is Set Up

  12. Leading by Example • AllTrips wants to be a leader in sustainable business. • We want to lead by example. • In order to do this we set goals of communication:1. Communicating with our visitors2. Communicating with our clients3. Communicating with each other4. Offering our help & resources to anyone who wants to learn. “Awareness is the first step in conservation”

  13. “If future generations are to remember us with gratitude rather than contempt, we must leave them more than the miracles of technology. We must leave them a glimpse of the world as it was in the beginning, not just after we got through with it." - Lyndon B Johnson

  14. Module 2: Waste Stream Management - Bob • E-waste and Paper Use were our biggest hurdles. • Our Jackson office is easy to manage • We made the decision to reach beyond us • What affects our visitors? What do our visitors affect? • Livingston, West Yellowstone, Cody, Big Sky, Gardiner, Yellowstone • 6 pages of resources- Posted to our website for visitors and clients to use.

  15. Our Waste Stream Audit Results • Paper, Newspaper, glass/plastic bottles, magazines, cardboard • Reduce first. Then recycle! • 50lbs of ewaste in 2010 From our central office • These were printers, cords, computers and small electronics • What went directly to the landfill? Cutlery? Water Cups? • We divert 85% of our waste from a landfill. We will be at 90% in 2011.

  16. Our Waste Management Policy • Cut out materials like cutlery, water cups, sticky notes • Set up goals for Ewaste Recycling at the office & home offices • Areas to reduce waste/cut back on waste altogether • Post policy and lists next to recycle bins. • Boxes for GOOS paper and regular paper

  17. Some of our Office Waste Stream and PurchasingImprovements

  18. Module 3: Preferred Purchasing - Alyson • Tracking matrix – monitor office purchases • Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Policy (EPP) • Set regulations for purchases in JH office/ home offices Pre Purchase Guidelines: Before Making a Purchase or Replacing Office Items, ask yourself: • Do we need it? • What is the quality of the item? • What is the cost to you? What is the cost to the environment? • What is the packaging impact of the item? What is its carbon footprint? • What are the recycling possibilities? • Is it a more eco-conscious choice than the prior piece of equipment it is replacing?

  19. Taking Purchases a Step Further • Continued comparison of purchased products. • Contacted 4 businesses. Large and small • Asked our employees to sign a Plastics Pledge • Cut back office plastics in 2011 by 15%.

  20. Module 4: Social and Community InvestmentsLauryn and Chris • Inside the organization: Strengthen, enrich and enhance our AllTrips Relationships. Spend time with each other, keep an open mind to change and encourage creativity and adventure. • Outside the organization: Share with others our enthusiasm and respect for traveling and exploring the places we love. Educate and inform others on how to use our resources wisely for years to come.

  21. Inside the Walls: • What do we want to see happen inside our company?- We need to interact with each other more. - Feed off our team energy. • In 2011: Togetherness:- SXSW, Camping, Voice Meetings quarterly = Quality TimeAllTrips Culture : The Internal BlogSpot - humor, jokes, personality - links, photos, videos- Encourage sustainable change with resources

  22. Outside the Walls • Reach Out To Our VisitorsThrough specific categories, resources, good info and eco tips - Actions We took: Area specific content on what visitors need to know. • Volunteering: - our efforts to reach organizations that affect Us and our Visitors - Actions we took: contacting area organizations that interest us- Friends of Pathways in JH, Park systems, transportation- Volunteer 1 group day and 1 personal day. Measure again in 2012.

  23. 2011 Will be our 4th year volunteering for the Western Center for Historic Preservation at the White Grass ranch and the Original BarBC. We’re ready for more!

  24. Not Just a Side Project: Helping LINX • Best way to give back? Our resources and site traffic • Once their website is live and user friendly, we will have. - An article explaining the purpose an usefulness of LINX - A sample itinerary using Linx to navigate Yellowstone and Grand Teton.- An Ad campaign linking back to the Linx website- Appears on all regional Yellowstone websites

  25. What does that mean for LINX? • A FREE Ad campaign around the Yellowstone Region • Reaching over 4,000,000 visitors each year! • The campaign will drive 5,000-10,000 visitors looking for transportation • Will be sent directly back to the LINX site • Exposure to Linx BEFORE they arrive, WHILE they are planning • Potential of up to 500 converted riders

  26. Module 5 and 6: Water and Energy EfficiencySam, Dan, Mike and Tim AllTrips employees used an average of 13,847 lbs of emissions in 2010. An average person uses over 20,750 lbs in a year. That’s 30% less last year!

  27. Audit and Monitor • We audited each Home Office & Mobile offices. • We audited our JH Office as best we could • EPA website = EASY to use spreadsheet • Monitor. Individual and In Office Goals for 2011 • Review goal progress in July and January each year

  28. Measurable Goals Measurable Goals From Employees: 1. Cut JH office energy by 15% in 2011 (review monthly)- unplug dead energy, turn off lights, unplug on weekends2. Cut entire home energy by 10% in 2011 (review monthly)- unplug dead energy, turn off lights3. Cut water use by 10% in 2011 (review monthly)- recycle rain water, reduce lawn water, cut down shower times4. Replace at least 1 set of doors in home (annual goal)5. Run a kilowatt test (quarterly)6. Set heat at 5 degrees lower in winter months (monitor monthly)

  29. The Downside of Being Web Based…. • We have a carbon footprint that includes servers. • We are on 6 shared servers and 2 dedicated servers for entire company. • What is Shared vs Dedicated? • We switched to programs that already take advantage of server sharing • Offsetting our footprint with servers through solar energy credits If every computer was energy star approved we would save over $1.5 billion a year, save emissions equivalent to taking 2 million cars off the road.

  30. Module 7: Transportation – Lisa/BJ • We don’t encourage commuting daily. Work at home!! • Only 2 employees that commute daily to our office. • A round trip commute from Alpine saves 5 gallons daily. From Victor 3 gallons daily • We monitor our sales team travel and non sales travel. • Policy for Sales Team Travel. Rental cars, maintenance etc. • We take advantage of GoTo Meeting to save carbon/ one person trips • Sales Team plans multiple meetings in a 3 day span per sales trip. Incentives: • Tracking system to award the person with the most alternative travel mileage.- $25 gift certificate to a restaurant of their choice. -Includes biking, walking, public transportation and telecommuting • Cruiser bikes in office for town errands.

  31. Making a Change in Transportation • Made public transportation a main topic on ALL Transportation pages • If it’s available it’s there. Bozeman, Big Sky, Jackson, Colorado….. • Added info on Green Gears and Friends of Pathways to our bike pages. • Biking maps and pathways maps. Bike rental info. Pedicab info in JH • Bike distances from main attractions in July 2011 • LINX routes will be added in 2011 - TBD

  32. Module8: Response to Climate Change - Drew Setting Goals for the Future with Data, Communication, People and Operations! • For the Company : Reduce our energy ways by 15% in 2011 • Department Goals: to work together as a team to accomplish. 1. Incentivize Paperless Billing by the end of 2011. - Of our over 700 clients we would like to see 85% paperless by January 20122. Fully develop “Green Leaf” program by September 2011- Sets of guidelines and requirements for lodging and activity based clients 100% done- Have ads and green vendor categories in place. Leaf logo in place 50% done3. Set up eco travel packages - One for each area per season with approved vendors- Articles on eco vendors and package based green vacations

  33. TheFacts: Hard Data for AllTrips: • At least 85% of our waste was diverted from a landfill in 2010. More in 2011 • We help over 6 million visitors plan their vacation without the use of a single paper brochure each year! • In 2011 we have already helped over 1 million site visitors already! • Decreased our office energy bills in the last 6 months. A total savings of $342. • We recycled over 100 pounds of ewaste correctly. • We saved $300 in 2010 by buying locally and cutting out unnecessary supplies • We have saved over 2,000 Gallons of Gas in the last year by working from home • Our employees use over 30% less emissions than the average person in a year.