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INTERTANKO Update on Terminal Issues PowerPoint Presentation
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INTERTANKO Update on Terminal Issues

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INTERTANKO Update on Terminal Issues
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INTERTANKO Update on Terminal Issues

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  1. OCIMF APTF 16 Singapore 18-19 February 2010 INTERTANKO Update on Terminal Issues Introduction to the Terminal Vetting Database – access all areas

  2. Terminal Vetting Database • Why this again? • Quick recap • Demonstration • Feedback

  3. Terminal Vetting Database INTERTANKO's Terminal Vetting Database broadens its access Published: 05 February 2010 Access to INTERTANKO's Terminal Vetting Database (TVD) is now available to those who are tanker owners/operators, terminal owners/operators, PSC authorities and others with a legitimate interest in improving safety, but who are not Members or Associate Members of the Association. Access to the TVD continues to remain free of charge, although access still requires agreement and compliance with the TVD's terms and conditions of use. We believe that such broadened access to the TVD will be to the benefit of all with an active interest in improving the safety of the vessel at the ship shore interface.

  4. Terminal Vetting Database Quick recap... What • Terminal Vetting • Tankers are vetted but are sometimes asked to make fast to poor quality berths • The vetting process works for ships, so why not for terminals? Why • enhance safety at the terminals • improve member efficiency by influencing terminals to ‘fix’ problems • maintain industry safety record Who • Access to the system is controlled by INTERTANKO and was strictly limited to INTERTANKO Members and Associate Members • As of 2010, access granted to all interested parties • The Terminal Vetting Database is hosted by in partnership with INTERTANKO • Access is usually set up within one business day

  5. Terminal Vetting Database Quick recap...

  6. Terminal Vetting Database A recent upgrade in the format makes its operating style similar to the SIRE and CDI systems, so that if a ship reports a poor rating (a score of 2 or less out of 5) for any of the 12 scored items: • the terminal is automatically notified and asked to directly address that item and to provide "Terminal Comments" within 30 days for entry into the TVD • a "Low Score Alert" is sent to INTERTANKO and to the Chairman of the TVD Working Group. • INTERTANKO's Vetting Committee regularly discusses selected Terminal Vetting Reports (TVRs) as part of its bi-annual meetings. The source of information will continue to be kept confidential. Although the vessel name, IMO number, and Master's name are included as questions in the report form, that information is only for the use of the individual companies and INTERTANKO, and is not accessible on the web site.

  7. And now for the online demo...

  8. Terminal Vetting Database For more information regarding the TVD and to request access to the TVD please contact or register at