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Class of 2016

Class of 2016. Getting to Graduation May 7, 2016. Purpose of this PPT. to facilitate a smooth transition to the CORE to provide definitive information about what you need to do to graduate on time. Graduation Requirement Summary.

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Class of 2016

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  1. Class of 2016 Getting to Graduation May 7, 2016

  2. Purpose of this PPT • to facilitate a smooth transition to the CORE • to provide definitive information about what you need to do to graduate on time

  3. Graduation Requirement Summary Heritage College faculty will recommend the degree of Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine be granted to students who: • are in good standing as determined by the faculty • have successfully completed all required coursework in either the PCC curriculum or the CPC curriculum for years 1 and 2 • have successfully completed all the assigned and elective clinical rotations listed in the Year 3 and 4 Student Manual • have successfully completed the Year 3 Objective Structured Clinical Exam (OSCE) • passed the COMLEX Level 1 CE, 2 CE, and 2 PE of the National Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners • have satisfied all financial and legal obligations to the university

  4. Year 3 and 4 Policies and Procedures • The Year 3 and 4 Manual for the Class of 2016 is available on the Clinical Education webpage: http://www.oucom.ohiou.edu/academicaffairs/clinical/Yr3-4Manual/ • You will be required to complete an open-manual, post-test exam covering the manual on 7/17/14. • Policies and procedures may be changed by David Tolentino, DO, Executive Assistant Dean for Clinical Education, as necessary.

  5. Year 3 and 4 Policies and Procedures • Requirements, policies, and procedures change from year to year. • Don’t depend on the OMS 4 for information – the requirements for graduation vary slightly but are different for each class of students. • When in doubt – refer to the manual, your CORE administrator or Academic Affairs.

  6. Graduation Requirement Checklist The checklist is posted in the manual for the Class of 2016.

  7. Graduation Requirements Class of 2016 • All requirements must be complete and documented by April 22, 2016. • You are responsible for documentation of all your graduation requirements.

  8. Graduation Requirements • You must be registered for 9 or more hours of for-credit rotations every term. • Note: Primary Care Associates must be registered for a minimum of 15 hours every term. • You must be registered and enrolled for 6 semesters starting with the summer 2014 through graduation.

  9. Required Rotations • Total = 81 weeks • 53 weeks are assigned by your CORE Administrator and required to complete the program at Heritage College • 28 weeks are electivesAND are also required • Rotation schedules, coursework and evaluations are available in your curriculum database, EValue

  10. Tips for Every Rotation • behave professionally • tell the preceptor about yourself • ask for the preceptor’s expectations • discuss the evaluation form • establish a weekly schedule so you know where to report each day • discuss charting/SOAP note writing • introduce yourself to the office staff • find out about in-office reference materials

  11. Assigned Rotations • You are asked to follow the schedule as assigned; changes may be made to this schedule ONLY if absolutely necessary and approved by your CORE Assistant Dean. • A special petition form will be necessary to change your rotation schedule if your request is submitted more than a month prior to the start of the rotation. Special petition forms are completed electronically through Evalue.

  12. Assigned Rotations • Total = 53 weeks • Assignedby your CORE Administrator • Completed at CORE assigned hospital or affiliated training site in the area • One assigned rotation may be completed at another CORE hospital at your request if the hospital has that rotation available to you and your CORE staff approves (you are not entitled to this) • When possible, student input is considered regarding • IM subspecialties (note rules regarding) • Surgery subspecialties (note rules regarding)

  13. Assigned Rotations • Heritage College students will begin one of the four-week required rotations at the CORE sites on August 4, 2014 • An on-line radiology module is required during the 2014 fall semester, although some sites will allow less time than others • Two Evidence-Based Medicine modules are required, one in each year (3 and 4) • Syllabi for assigned rotations are in the year 3-4 manual

  14. Assigned Rotations Note: You may have to drive an hour or more to any assigned rotation. It may be longer if you have chosen not to live close to your assigned hospital. Housing is not automatically provided; it is the prerogative of the hospital. It is recommended that you live near your CORE site.

  15. Examinations • Required rotations are accompanied by examinations in the respective subject • Proctored NBOME COMAT exams are used for all required rotations except EM and Geriatrics • EM and Geriatrics rotations use an exam located on Blackboard • All exams must be completed satisfactorily in order for you to receive credit for the rotation

  16. Elective Rotations: OCOM 8200+ • Total = 28 weeks • Scheduled by the CORE administrator with input from students • Some limitations • 12 weeks in any subspecialty (excluding assigned rotations) • 8 weeks only out of Ohio • OCOM 8500 – non-credit electives (must use time off for this) – may be used when rotating with non-faculty preceptors

  17. Elective Rotation Requirements • Must be correctly registered in a timely fashion • Preceptor must be OU Faculty • Information for an affiliation agreement must be provided when schedule is submitted • Must provide CORE Administrator well in advance with information for externship letter • May be requirements from the other hospital that you have to meet as well

  18. Elective Rotation Syllabi • Elective syllabi are available on the Year 3-4 Manual webpage • Students develop the learning objectives for elective rotations • A syllabus must be completed and submitted in order to receive credit for an elective rotation. • The syllabus must be completed in consultation with your preceptor. • 1 – 2 page (minimum 275 words) summary also required to be completed at end of rotation

  19. Elective Rotation Schedule Changes • Changes may be made only with the permission of your CORE Administrator according to deadlines set forth by Ohio University. • Students are responsible for notifying preceptors and staff of cancelled rotations. • Rotations cancelled within 30 days of the start of the rotation will be scrutinized.

  20. Student Course Evaluations • Each student must complete and submit two online evaluations for each rotation through E*Value software program • Evaluation of the rotation • Evaluation of the preceptor • Both must be done to receive credit for the course

  21. Procedure Logs • Each student maintains a log of procedures s/he has performed, assisted with and/or observed within 30 days of completing the rotation • The E*Value computer software program automatically sends an email to the preceptor about the procedures you’ve entered • A minimum of 10 procedures per assigned rotation must be logged in order to receive credit for the rotation

  22. Special Rotations All paperwork to register for the following must be completed at least one semester in advance. • Research Electives • Must be pre-approved • Intro to Research only on specified dates • Need special permission to do research rotations in spring semester of year 4 • Global Health rotations • Must be for-credit and preapproved • Academic OMM Elective • Health Policy Elective

  23. Marginal and Failing Grades • If a preceptor awards a MARGINAL grade on any rotation, the student must meet with the Committee on Student Progress (CSP) to develop a remediation plan • Successful remediation will change the grade to a pass/CR • If a preceptor awards a grade of FAILURE, the student must meet with CSP, will be required to repeat a similar rotation and the “F” will be reflected on the transcript

  24. Time Off Policy Any week that you will miss more than one day of your rotation - for any reason - must be scheduled as a week of time off

  25. Time Off Policy 12 total weeks of time off from 8/04/14 to 5/07/16 92 weeks = total number of calendar weeks -81 weeks = required weeks on rotation - 2 weeks = mandatory time off (04.23.16 – 05.06.16) 9 weeks remain for student time off (vacation, sick, interviews, board study, remediation if needed and non-credit electives)

  26. Sick Leave There is no “sick leave” during your clinical training. It is all a part of your time off. If you anticipate needing a prolonged period of time off for health reasons, it is best to meet with your CORE site, Dr. Tolentino and the Committee on Student Progress so they may assist you.

  27. IMPORTANT NOTE: • In order to receive passing credit for any rotation, all requirements listed in the syllabus must be fulfilled. • All Rotations • Faculty/institutional profile must be on file • Affiliation/educational agreement with the training site must be complete • Preceptor evaluation of student must be submitted as pass or honors • Student evaluations of rotation and preceptor must be submitted • Assigned rotations: Pre- and post-rotation or COMAT exams; Procedure logs/reflective journals • Elective rotations: Syllabi and a 1-2 page objective summary • Other applicable requirements (e.g., Health Care Mgt. Clerkship) • You are responsible for the completion and documentation of all requirements.

  28. Rotation Grades: Transcript • Pass (CR) – honors noted on evaluation form not transcript • Incomplete (I) – for incomplete student paperwork – becomes an F 2 weeks into next semester • Marginal (PR) – based on preceptor evaluation • CSP review and remediation required to change grade • May receive a PR if preceptor does not complete eval on time (does not require CSP intervention) – has to be changed to CR in order for you to graduate • Audit (AU) – for remediation and non-credit electives • Fail (F) • Reviewed by CSP • Must be remediated • Grade on transcript will not change

  29. Required Paper/Scholarly Work (OCOM 8941) • Class of 2016 • To be completed between December 2014 - December 2015. • Write a case-based paper following published guidelines (see Year 3-4 manual). • Turn in the paper by the end of the term in which you have enrolled for this OR by the deadline set by your CORE site. • CADs select the best paper from each site. A group on main campus selects the best of those papers and the student receives an award at commencement time.

  30. Didactics • Different at each CORE site • All include: • Ethics • Medicine and the Law • OMM • Clinical Case Conferences • Attendance is taken and required for all didactic programs • Students must log additional didactic activities in E*Value using the Time Tracker feature

  31. OSCE • February 2015 • In Athens • Typically there are 4 cases – timed, focused H&P • OMM • Must pass or remediate prior to taking COMLEX PE • Schedule COMLEX PE between July – December 2015

  32. Health Care Management Clerkship (HCMC) • Required course • Held in spring of year 4 • Prerequisite (Professional Development Seminar/PDS) is scheduled by CORE staff during year 3 • Medicare/Medicaid presentation will be held during the Professional Development Seminar

  33. Graduation Requirements: COMLEX ___Pass COMLEX Level 1

  34. Graduation Requirements: COMLEX ___Pass COMLEX Level 2 CE You may take COMLEX Level 2 CE after you have successfully completed the following rotations: • OCOM 8010 Intro to Family Medicine (4 weeks) • OCOM 8001 Family Medicine 1 (2 weeks) • OCOM 8100 General Internal Medicine (4 weeks) • OCOM 8140 General Surgery (4 weeks) • OCOM 8040 Pediatrics (4 weeks) • OCOM 8050 Women’s Health (4 weeks) • OCOM 8020 Emergency Medicine (4 weeks) • OCOM 8060 Psychiatry/Psychology (4 weeks) • OCOM 8030 Geriatric Medicine (4 weeks)

  35. Graduation Requirements: COMLEX ___Pass COMLEX Level 2 PE

  36. Graduation Requirements: COMLEX NOTE: You must take COMLEX Level 2 CE no later than January 2016 and COMLEX Level 2 PE no later than December 2015 in order to ensure scores will be on file at Heritage College Student Affairs by April 22, 2016.

  37. Questions? • If you have questions or need information, please contact: • Sarah McGrew, Director of Clinical Education at 740-593-2518 • Dr. David Tolentino, Executive Assistant Dean of Clinical Education at 440-827-5202

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