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Class of 2016 Meeting

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Class of 2016 Meeting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Thursday, January 30, 2014. Class of 2016 Meeting. Class Officers President - Tahj Cobb Vice President - Gerard Contee Secretary - Briana Davis Treasurer - Tyler Castle Historian - Portia Chambers. Sponsors: Bessie Mulabah Tyrone Shaw Renee Forde. Welcome and Purpose Class Dues

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Class of 2016 Meeting

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class of 2016 meeting

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Class of 2016 Meeting

Class Officers

President - Tahj Cobb

Vice President - Gerard Contee

Secretary - Briana Davis

Treasurer - Tyler Castle

Historian - Portia Chambers


Bessie Mulabah

Tyrone Shaw

Renee Forde


Welcome and Purpose

  • Class Dues
  • Fundraisers
  • Senior Trip
  • Prom
  • Graduation and Graduation Requirement
  • Questions
welcome and purpose

Goal: Our goal, as a class, is to be able to afford an extravagant traditional prom, an organized successful graduation and a reasonable priced but exhilarating senior trip through the collective commitment of the Class of 2016 and their parents.

      • Why Start NOW?
  • Starting in Sophomore Year will alleviate many issues
  • Long Lasting Memorable Experiences
Welcomeand Purpose
formula for success

rise early, (10th Grade Year)

  • work hard, ( Fundraise)
  • strike oil.( Spectacular Graduation, Prom and Senior Trip)J. Paul Getty
Formula for Success
senior dues

2016 Class Dues are $350

Payment Plan-

$40 a month starting February 2014

or a full payment of $350

Final Payment for Dues- February 2015

All Senior Dues are to be turned in to Mrs. Mulabah

A receipt will be provided.

All payments will be put in 2016's school account.

Only cash or money orders will be accepted.

Money orders made out to McKinley Tech Class of 2016.

Payments can be made anytime during each month.

Senior Dues
class dues

Break Down

29,880 (senior Package) + 5,000 (graduation )+ 5,500 (prom) = 40,380

166 Students x $350= $58,100

$17,720 Left over will cover

Prom Gift Bags

Catering - Prom

Senior Festivities


Senior Trip / Spending Money( GOAL)

  • Senior Package:

$180.00 per student (166)=$29,880 total for the class

  • Projected Graduation Cost-Graduation: $5,000
  • Projected Prom Cost- $5,500
  • Ring payments and Prom tickets are NOT Currently included- However, it can change if fundraisers are successful
Class Dues

The above figures are based on the Class of 2014 figures

Graduation Announcements with envelopes Package Cost is $180 and Includes:

25 Deluxe Announcements

1 Box of Matching Name Cards

1 Senior Class McKinley Custom Hoodie

1 Senior Class McKinley Custom T-Shirt

1 Senior McKinleyTech Duffle Bag /Massager Bag

1 Diploma cover

1 Cap-Gown-Tassel Unit


Currently, Class Rings will have to be purchased Separately

  • Senior Package

We ask for parent support (please contact sponsors)

TOP Three Choices

Dress Down- 27%

Bake Sale- 19%

Car Wash- 17%

current fundraising claire s gourmet

GOAL- Each Student sells a Minimum of 10 items

  • The Top Seller get $100 off Senior Trip (Must Sell a min of 20 items)
  • For Every 10 items sold- $40 off Senior Trip
  • For Every 5 items sold, your name is placed in a drawing to get $100 off ( up to 2 students)
  • If Class of 2016 sells 400 items- Claire’s pay $200
  • Sell 600 items- Claire’s pay $300
Current FundraisingClaire’s Gourmet
current fundraising claire s gourmet1

Only Students who participate will benefit from fundraiser

  • All monies are Due to MS. Forde by February 20,2014
  • All Packages will be delivered March 13, 2014
  • Please PICK up items between 3:30- 7:30
Current FundraisingClaire’s Gourmet
fundraising updates for other companies

Chipotle- Awaiting a response

  • Rita’s- Opens March 1- Will start fundraiser when weather breaks
Fundraising Updates for Other Companies
senior trip1
EF Explore America

Agent: James Walter

Contact: (617) 619-2029

Rough Details based on Student Selection

When: Spring Break During 2016

Projected cost is $1600 which includes the following:

Round-trip transportation to and from the tour destination

Security at hotel

Hotel Stay, with Gratuity

Personalized Tour Guide

Illness and accident coverage

Transportation to attractions

Entrance to attractions

Breakfast and Dinner Daily

All Planning

Senior Trip

The above figures are based on trips to California during 2015; accommodations and amenities might change based on specific location and activities decided by students.

senior trip2

In need of Senior Trip Committee Members to assist in identifying other viable companies

Senior Trip Location is not set in stone; students can alter trip location by September 2014, by unanimous vote

Senior Trip
Camelot Ballroom

Agent: Carmen Dobson

Upper Marlboro, Maryland


Down Payment: $2,000 must be paid May of 2015

Remaining balance for the class will be $3,475 Due May of 2016

Ticket Price $25{Approx. $4,000} (price at this time – remaining funds go toward DJ)

Projected Date: June 3 or 4th


Buffet Style Dinning

DJ: $500-$600

Small Gift Bag will be given

Parking Assessable

Photographer: Magic Glamour Across of Prince George’s Plaza


The above figures are based on the Class of 2014 figures

It is NEVER Too Early to Plan

166x$25= $4,150 tickets cost $25 per student (couple)

Average cost of theme background $800

Prom bag ideas from parents

Crystal Glass 166x$8=$1,328

We need a Parent Prom Committee Member

Crampton Auditorium



2 Hour Ceremony

8-9 Tickets (included in Crampton budget)

Tickets will be Notarized!!!

Cost Estimated *$5,000*

Missing the 1 free rehearsal is a $200 fee for the class if less than 75% of attendance

Programs will be created by school

Down Payment Due: June 2015

Final Payment Due: May 2016

Projected Date of Graduation will be Saturday June 11, 2016!!!!!

DCPS is working on a plan for high school graduations

2016 funds
Fundraising Money

Account information will placed on school website by student id number

Fundraisers – Ms. Forde

Senior Dues- Ms. Mulabah

100% Participation would allow all students to participate in ALL Senior Activities

2016 Funds
graduation requirement
None of this would be possible if your child does not fulfill his/ her graduation requirement

Remember- All students need 100 Community Service Hours

Remember a 2.0 GPA is just the minimum to remain at McKinley Technology High School

Graduation Requirement

Q & A