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Presentation - Why Should You Upgrade Wiring of Your Old Home?

Is your home more then 40 years old? You must check this presentation to know why it's necessary to upgrade your home's old wiring with new one. Call 08 7007 0766 Adelaide Electrician for the best solution or visit: http://www.servicetoday.com.au/electricians/adelaide/

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Presentation - Why Should You Upgrade Wiring of Your Old Home?

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  2. REASONS : Why Home REQUIRE NEW ELECTRICAL WIRING • Limited overload capacity • Electric shocks • Exposed wires: Depreciation of wire coating material • Inconvenience of power cords • Your home’s poor resale value

  3. LIMITED OVERLOAD CAPACITY • Living in an old building that dates back in 80’s, you must realize that its wiring might not be up-to-date. • In those days, people did not have as many electric appliances as you have now. • This means, the old wiring system of your house is not capable of handling the huge load of modern electric appliances and result in overloading of circuits which eventually leads to overheating or fire incidents.

  4. ELECTRIC SHOCKS • When you experience a sudden mild electric shock while operating electrical appliance • your first instinct is: there is something wrong with the appliance. However, the problem might be in its wiring, which you can detect by using another appliance. • If you sense the sensation of shock again, you can come to the final conclusion that the fault lies in its wiring. • It is essential, however, to let reliable electrician Adelaidediagnose the condition since they are the expert handling dangerous electric situations.

  5. EXPOSED WIRES: DEPRECIATION OF WIRE COATING MATERIAL • In old times, rubber was the chief material used for coating the electric wires that carried power supply to your house. • Rubber has tendency of losing its quality over a period of use, which leaves the wires exposed. • This in turn increases a possibility of catching or setting fire to your residence. To prevent this fast deterioration, PVC is practised for coating the wires, which is ideal for keeping at bay the fire hazards.

  6. INCONVENIENCE OF POWER CORDS • If you are living in an old property built before 90’s, the chances are the wirings is installed with an intent to meet small load capacity. • So in a need for scaling up the electricity power, you will face great challenges. • You may see using power cords as a reliable solution, but it is not in the long term. It instead adds a lot more risk. • So the most dependable remedy is to get your house rewired by a veteran expert electrical contractor in Adelaide.

  7. YOUR HOME’S POOR RESALE VALUE • Apart from all these factors, one major problem with old wiring is that when you decide to sell your property, you will receive bad reviews from buyers. • The reason is lack of modern upgraded wiring. You must rewire it to match latest safety standards of electricity supply. • The best way to ensure your old house will not cause hazardous situations of fire is to discuss the wiring status with a qualified and expert electrician Adelaide. • You can find good resources online for finding the best man for the work. Here are some Tips for using electricity safely.

  8. AOBUT ELECTRICAL WIRING Your electric wiring, either for residential or commercial purpose, is a heart to ensure safe, sound and functional environment in the premise. All the luxury and convenience you enjoy as a happy dweller will be compromised abruptly if an electric incident disturbs your routine rhythm of life. This is likely with years old properties. Even though you think that the wiring is done precisely and not as shoddy as any electrician’s inspection may suggest, your house environment is still at a potential risk. Beyond your knowledge, the condition of wires hidden behind the walls might be deteriorating, waiting to create untoward hazard any time soon. Here are some of the critical reasons why you need to pay serious attention to aging electrical wiring in your old homes and consult with a reliable electrician Adelaide.

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