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THE REFORM ERA. By: Ryan Rue, Chris Reimann, and Nicole Miller. Second Great Awakening.

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the reform era


By: Ryan Rue, Chris Reimann, and Nicole Miller

second great awakening
Second Great Awakening
  • The Second Great Awakening was a Christian revival movement during the early 19th century. This movement began in 1800 and slowly gained momentum into the 1820’s. the first camp meeting by Methodists and Baptists occurred in south central Kentucky in June 1800. It led to the formation of new denominations and many converts believed in was the start of a new millennial age. Throughout the second Great Awakening it spread through Tennessee, Ohio, and Kentucky. It ended in the late 1860’s.
utopian movement
Utopian Movement
  • It started in 1776, and it was people who wanted to form a perfect society. Utopia, originally a Greek word for an imaginary place where everyone and everything is perfect, was sought in America through the creation of model communities within the great Major colonies that believed in celibacy. They were the Shakers, Harmony Society, New Harmony, and Brook Farm. None of them lasted. The Utopian Movement ended because all of the communities died off.
temperance movement
Temperance Movement
  • The temperance movement of the 19th and early 20th centuries was an organized effort to end consumption of intoxicating liquors or press for complete abstinence. Mostly made up of women and children, and their husbands. In fact, alcohol was blamed for many of society's demerits, among them severe health problems, destitution and crime. Temperance associations were established in New York (1808) and Massachusetts (1813). The American Society for the Promotion of Temperance (1826) was interdenominational. Thanks largely to the lead from the pulpit, some 6,000 local temperance groups in many states were up and running by the 1830s.
labor movement
Labor Movement
  • The labor movement of 1865-1919 was caused by strikes that began because of wage cuts, the new inventions of machinery, and the depression of workers. The first of these strikes began in 1892 with workers at the Carnegie Steel Company. Through the movement people started to go on strike left and right. Eventually until it almost took an entire army and navy to deliver a message.