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Seminar Series

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Seminar Series. A Knowledge Management Approach to Produce and Use Evidence on Parenting Education Interventions that Enhances Parent-Child Relations Nov 24, 2003 Canadian Population Health Initiative Francis Lau PhD, Health Information Science, UVic

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Presentation Transcript
seminar series

Seminar Series

A Knowledge Management Approach to Produce and Use Evidence on Parenting Education Interventions that Enhances Parent-Child Relations

Nov 24, 2003

Canadian Population Health Initiative

Francis Lau PhD, Health Information Science, UVic

Theresa Hunter MSc, Health Information Science, UVic

Denise Cloutier-Fisher PhD, Centre for Aging & Dept of Geography, UVic

Managers, Child Youth and Family Program, Central Region of VIHA

BC Office of Provincial Health Office

Debra Greig MBA, ShirWin Knowledge & Learning Systems

enhancing parent child relations thru km
CPHI Project Background

Initial KM Framework

Research Questions, Methods and Participants

Evidence on Parent Education Interventions

A Web Database Resource

Project Status

Enhancing Parent-Child Relations thru KM
cphi project background
20-month project to apply KM concepts, methods and tools to study regional indicators in field settings

“Can KM enhance development and implementation of policies and programs for regional health indicators and related information systems?”

Initially CVIHR and OSHR, stakeholder driven agenda on defining indicators, process and deliverables

Customization of a ShirWin Web-based KM tool as a Web database resource for program managers

CPHI Project Background
research questions methods participants
“Will program managers use parenting education knowledge produced in their programs on early childhood development?”

Stakeholder negotiation on questions, site visits and interviews to collect experience, systematic review to synthesize evidence with phone interview to follow-up on status, stakeholder focus group sessions on use, independent evaluation on lessons

Five CYF program managers and director in Nanaimo with monthly meetings

Research Questions, Methods, Participants
evidence on parent education interventions
Question: Parent education interventions that enhance parent-child relations

Inclusion: 0-3 yrs, education/training, attachment, relation, bonding, interaction, program/intervention, evaluation

Exclusion: >3 yrs, substance abuse, breastfeeding, postpartum depression, child welfare, disability, smoking, theory only

Results: 17 primary studies with 2 RCT, 13 quasi-experiment and 2 follow-up studies, sample sizes from 12 to 486 subjects, diverse interventions and outcome measures, 10 weak and 7 moderate studies; 3 secondary reviews with 2 strong from CDSR and 1 weak

Conclusions: No clear evidence on effectiveness; universal access programs followed-up include PAT, ECFF, NCAST, STEP, CP, STAR, PPP, RFS; indicators include NCATS, PBC, HSQ, ECEF, AQS, ASS, G

Evidence on Parent Education Interventions
a web database resource
Database of publications, programs, information systems, instruments/tools, and briefs/reports

Intended for program managers, knowledge brokers and editors/reviewers

Demo of ShirWin Web database resource and tools

A Web Database Resource
project status
HELP funding to continue customization of Web database resource for evidence on parent education interventions that enhances parent-child relations

CIHR knowledge translation grant to further customize ShirWin KM tool, conduct prospective online reviews with McMaster and UBC teams

Publications, presentations, workshops, projects and ???

Project Status
project status cont d1
Project Status … Cont’d

CIHR Proposal: A Web-based KT tool to bridge research and practice

help s mission

HELP’s Mission

“To create, promote and apply new knowledge through leading interdisciplinary research to help children thrive.”

Please visit HELP’s website:

Sign up for HELP’s Listserv. Find info on research projects, new publications and resources, maps, upcoming events, etc.