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Different Worlds Collide

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Different Worlds Collide. November 4 th , 2013. Hernando Cortes. The Spanish had heard about Aztec wealth Cortes was a Spanish soldier, or conquistador Conquistador- conqueror The conquistadors wanted to conquer Mexico and defeat the Aztecs. Defeating the Aztecs.

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different worlds collide

Different Worlds Collide

November 4th, 2013

hernando cortes
Hernando Cortes
  • The Spanish had heard about Aztec wealth
  • Cortes was a Spanish soldier, or conquistador
    • Conquistador- conqueror
  • The conquistadors wanted to conquer Mexico and defeat the Aztecs
defeating the aztecs
Defeating the Aztecs
  • Cortes had a force of 500 men
  • They were outnumbered by the Aztecs
  • The Spanish had a few advantages
    • Metal armor
    • Rifles and bullets
    • Horses
  • Cortes also had an ally
    • A friend who will help in a fight

Why did the Spanish want the Aztec empire?

cortes allies
Cortes’ Allies

Cortes found allies who didn’t want to live under Aztec rule

An important Aztec ally was Dona Marina

dona marina
Dona Marina
  • Spoke several Indian languages
    • How would this skill help Cortes?
  • Persuaded thousands to join Cortes
  • In addition to Dona Marina, Cortes had an unknown ally in smallpox
moctezuma and cortes
Moctezuma and Cortes
  • They met in 1519
  • Moctezuma agreed to let Cortes stay in Tenochtitlan
    • Why do you think Moctezuma let Cortes stay?
  • The Aztecs rose up to kick the Spanish out of their city
  • Cortes escaped and Moctezuma was killed
cortes returns
Cortes Returns

He and his men came back in late 1520 with more native peoples as allies

The Spanish conquered the Aztecs in 1521


What were some things that enabled Cortes to overpower the Aztecs?

creating a new colony
Creating a New Colony
  • The Spanish destroyed Tenochtitlan through conquest
    • The capture or taking of something by force
    • How do you think the Spanish were able to do this?
  • Through allies and smallpox, which took the lives of many throughout Mexico
new spain
New Spain
  • Spanish colony established in 1535
    • Capital- Mexico City
  • Today, New Spain is known as Mexico
  • Who lived in New Spain?
    • Spanish officials
    • Spanish colonists
    • Native Peoples
life in new spain
Life in New Spain

Spanish officials created a government, made laws and built schools and universities

Catholic priests came to convert the natives to Christianity

Colonists came to gain wealth by starting farms, businesses and gold and silver mines


Why did people come to New Spain?

the conquests continue
The Conquests Continue

Read about Francisco Pizarro and the Incan Empire on p. 145

Complete the lesson 2 review, questions 2-5 in complete sentences on looseleaf for homework