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  1. EVENTS OF THE TIME An emerging social value of the early 1980s in midwest America was a return to conservative traditional religious values. This manifests itself in the form of bans on popular activity in some states of the USA during the 60s and 70s such as dancing and rock music that were thought to corrupt the morals of young people. Footloose is based on the events of The use of media to push conservative religion is widespread in the USA

  2. The rise of religion in the Media • By the early 1980s the Bakkers had built Heritage USA (in Fort Mill, south of Charlotte), then the third most successful theme park in the US, and a satellite system to distribute their network twenty-four hours a day across the country. Annual contributions requested from viewers were estimated to exceed one million dollars a week, with proceeds to go to expanding the theme park and mission of PTL • -wikipedia

  3. Book Banning Books considered to have a corrupting influence on young people were banned from some schools and taken out of libraries in America’s southern states, eg: “Catcher in the Rye” by J.D. Salinger and the 1970s popular youth diary on the drug culture of that time: “Go Ask Alice” by Anonymous. ref-Wikipedia

  4. Even in the 1990s teachers have been sacked in the USA for teaching novels that are considered ‘dangerous’ for young Americans. • The early 1980s society in America is characterised by the rise of conservatism in politics due to Reagan. Later in the mid 80s capitalism and the rise of the yuppie, “greed is good” culture will take hold.