a n dy csi cost schedule and implementation n.
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A N DY CSI Cost, Schedule, and Implementation PowerPoint Presentation
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A N DY CSI Cost, Schedule, and Implementation

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A N DY CSI Cost, Schedule, and Implementation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A N DY CSI Cost, Schedule, and Implementation. Hank Crawford UCB/SSL . Top level Gannt. Gannt – run13 start 12/25/12. Modify Ecal base fab – note 30 day lag FS from review date, 40 day lag parts order. Milestones. Key Performance Parameters. KPP. Burdens. Resource costs and BOE.

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Presentation Transcript
a n dy csi cost schedule and implementation

ANDY CSICost, Schedule, and Implementation

Hank Crawford


Cost/Sched/Imp HjC

top level gannt
Top level Gannt

Cost/Sched/Imp HjC

gannt run13 start 12 25 12
Gannt – run13 start 12/25/12

Modify Ecal base fab – note 30 day lag FS from review date, 40 day lag parts order

Cost/Sched/Imp HjC


Cost/Sched/Imp HjC

key performance parameters
Key Performance Parameters

Cost/Sched/Imp HjC


Cost/Sched/Imp HjC


Cost/Sched/Imp HjC

resource costs and boe
Resource costsandBOE

Note: new quote from

St.Gobain for scint

$14524 –> $14950

Cost/Sched/Imp HjC

scintillator quote
Scintillator quote

Cost/Sched/Imp HjC

resource usage
Resource Usage

Cost/Sched/Imp HjC


Cost/Sched/Imp HjC

individual commitments
Individual commitments

Cost/Sched/Imp HjC

individual responsibilities
Individual responsibilities

Cost/Sched/Imp HjC

student post doc participation
Student/Post Doc participation

R.Marshall,UCB/SSL, electronics and detector tests

O. Baron, U. Md., detector installation/testing

L. Stevens, U. Md., detector installation/testing

TBD, Univ.of the Basque Country, PS fab and test

Cost/Sched/Imp HjC

midy schedule
MidY schedule

80 PMTs

40 slats

All on hand

Cost driven by

Electronics and


Cost/Sched/Imp HjC

preshower schedule
PreShower Schedule
  • 228 new scint slats
  • PMTs, bases exist

Cost/Sched/Imp HjC

ecal schedule

1596 cells,PMTs


New bases



Critical path:

Bases and

Cell prep

Cost/Sched/Imp HjC

hcal schedule

Add 80 cells

From Phenix

To existing

216 from



Lots of float

Cost/Sched/Imp HjC

trk1 schedule
TRK1 schedule


a’la SBS

Recently reviewed

Positively by DOE

Cost/Sched/Imp HjC

trk2 schedule
TRK2 schedule

Same as TRK1

Driven by foil

And electronics

Tech added

For TRK2,3

Cost/Sched/Imp HjC

trk3 schedule
TRK3 schedule

Driven by

Foil and


Cost/Sched/Imp HjC

dipole schedule
Dipole schedule

Existing magnet

Add existing steel

Modify existing PS

Share cooling tower

Cost/Sched/Imp HjC

andy safety
AnDY Safety

AnDY Safety considerations

Cosmic ray tests and calibration of the AnDY HCal were carried out under a C-AD

approved work plan that defined the training requirements and working

conditions. A walkthrough and inspection by the C-AD safety folks was also carried out.

Similarly the testing and assembly of the ECal modules were also carried out.

The AnDY experiment was reviewed by the C-AD Experimental Safety

Review Committee (ESRC) on September 20, 2010 and a list of action items was

generated and subsequently closed.

The experimental area, the assembly area, and the counting house is subjected to

periodic TIER I reviews.

All mechanical support structures for the AnDY apparatus were designed and reviewed

internally by C-AD engineers.

A safety walkthrough of the installed apparatus was carried out on January15, 2011

a check off list was generated and items closed prior to the experiment taking beam.

The new apparatus to be introduced to AnDY for the next run(s) will be reviewed by

the ESRC as the need arises. This will include all electrical systems and mechanical

systems to assure compliance with applicable standards.

All power supplies (High Voltage, Low Voltage, CAMAC, and VME) will be reviewed for

NRTL compliance either through manufacturer’s documentation or by certified C-AD

electrical engineers.

The experiment will be subjected to annual safety review and walkthrough.

All experimenters and shift takers will have to complete the required training.

Cost/Sched/Imp HjC

safety training
Safety Training



Homepage | Back

A valid BNL guest number is needed for training

System Requirements

Shift Taker

Shift Leader

Other C-A OPMs - In Addition, for all who plan to go into the Intersection Region

(the tunnel), Oxygen Deficiency Hazard Class 1 (ODH-1) training will also be required.

Oxygen Deficiency Hazard Class 1 web course (TQ-ODH1)

Oxygen Deficiency Hazard practical (Contact C-AD Training Office at 631-344-7007)

Oxygen Deficiency Medical Surveillance Form (complete the BNL ODH1 Medical

Clearance Questionnaire and submit to BNL Clinic, Bldg. 490)

Cost/Sched/Imp HjC

shift leader
Shift Leader
  • AnDY - Shift Leader
  • Homepage | Back
  • A valid BNL guest number is needed for training
  • System Requirements
  • Collider User Training
    • Initial training - Classroom training necessary - schedule
    • Renewal training - Challenge exam - Click here for study guide
  • Cyber Security
  • Computer Use Agreement
  • Guest Site Orientation
  • Hazard Communication
  • Electrical Circuit Breaker/Switch Operation Safety
  • C-A Operating Procedures - Instructions: Read all three OPMs;
  • Print out memo; Sign memo; Return memo to either Guest, User,
  • Visitor Center, Bldg. 400A or C-A Training Office, Bldg. 911A.
    • C-A OPM 2.5.2
    • C-A OPM 3.19
    • C-A OPM 11.1
    • AnDY Work Plan Document- Contact Peter Cirnigliaro at 631-344-5636
    • Read & Acknowledge Memo

Cost/Sched/Imp HjC

rcf storage and computing overview t throwe
RCF Storage and ComputingOverview (T.Throwe)
  • As a RHIC experiment, AnDY will be supported by the RHIC Computing Facility (RCF) with:
    • Private networking between the facility and the AnDY counting house
    • HPSS storage
    • AFS storage
    • NFS storage
    • Computing hardware
  • The level of the support is to be determined
andy computing summary
AnDY Computing Summary
  • AnDY requires resources from the RCF
    • Hardware
      • Fiber connection to the counting house
      • Farm compute nodes
    • Storage
      • HPSS, NFS, AFS and distributed
    • Infrastructure
      • Condor and the “general queue”
  • The level of RCF resources is a management decision

AnDY Computing - Tom Throwe


Cost/Sched/Imp HjC

existing computing
Existing Computing
  • To date, AnDY has made use of a rack (30 nodes) of recycled RCF computers
  • The machines are located in the AnDY counting house and have been in heavy use since the beginning of RHIC Run-11
  • The cluster of dual core, dual CPU machines makes use of a Hadoop distributed file system and Condor to manage the data an jobs on the nodes
hpss storage
HPSS Storage
  • A direct fiber, previously used by the BRAHMS experiment, between the counting house and the RCF HPSS servers will be reactivated
  • Raw data from AnDY will be transferred from a disk buffer in the counting house to an HPSS server in the RCF with the standard HPSS pftp client via the above fiber connection
  • The raw data will be stored in an HPSS COS (Class Of Service) assigned to the AnDY experiment.
non hpss storage
Non-HPSS Storage
  • There will be four types of disk storage made available to the AnDY experiment
    • Home directories in NFS – this space will be backed up
    • AFS storage for common software
    • NFS mounted central storage for common files and results files
    • Distributed disk on the compute nodes to support running jobs, especially those with high I/O requirements
rcf computing for andy
RCF Computing for AnDy
  • The AnDY experiment will have dedicated hardware for data analysis
    • The amount of dedicated hardware is to be determined
  • In addition, AnDY users will make use of the “Condor general queue” for opportunistic use of idle compute cycles on the PHENIX and STAR farm nodes
    • AnDY has greatly benefited from the use of the general queue over the last few months