senior design fixture analysis n.
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Senior Design Fixture Analysis PowerPoint Presentation
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Senior Design Fixture Analysis

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Senior Design Fixture Analysis - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Senior Design Fixture Analysis. ME 450: Finite Element Analysis Dr. K Nema Final Project Javier Angulo Matt Schonauer Avery Sheets. Overview. Introduction Background Model Details Analysis and Results Conclusions. Introduction.

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Senior Design Fixture Analysis

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senior design fixture analysis

Senior Design Fixture Analysis

ME 450: Finite Element Analysis

Dr. K Nema

Final Project

Javier Angulo

Matt Schonauer

Avery Sheets

  • Introduction
  • Background
  • Model Details
  • Analysis and Results
  • Conclusions
  • Analysis will be done on a fixture designed for ME 462: Capstone Design
  • Project sponsor is Remy, Inc
    • Out of Anderson, IN
  • The analysis will be purely structural
    • Von Mises stresses
    • Deflection/Deformation
  • Remy designs and manufactures starters
  • Most analysis of products is done using FEA
  • Testing is usually a “break it” test
  • Tests aren’t universal and standardized
  • No reliable way to compare current products to competitor products
  • Force transmission path through individual components
  • The particular fixture being tested will be used to connect the drive shaft to the torsion machine
  • The pin end will be held by the fixture
analysis and results
Analysis and Results
  • Attempt #1
  • This method would not provide any moment at all
  • There is no implementation in Workbench to apply a pressure on part of a surface
analysis and results2
Analysis and Results
  • Attempt #3
  • An okay approximation, but not quite accurate
  • Placement of point forces based solely on clicking the mouse
  • This discrepancy caused forces to be unbalanced
analysis and results3
Analysis and Results
  • Results from the last analysis indicated that the point of high stress was indeed the base of the triangular part
  • Rounds were added at the intersection of the circular base and the triangular chuck
analysis and results4
Analysis and Results
  • Surfaces can be split into multiple surfaces in Pro Engineer
  • The force of the torsion machine exerted on the triangular chuck could be better modeled
analysis and results5
Analysis and Results
  • Pro Engineer problems
    • Deleted features still stored in the database
  • Had to create a completely new part
analysis and results6
Analysis and Results
  • Maximum torque that can be applied is 1130 Nm
analysis and results7
Analysis and Results
  • Maximum von Mises stress is 48.51 MPa
  • Maximum deflection is 0.004 mm (negligible)
  • Design was approved through FEA using a combination of Pro E and ANSYS Workbench
  • Good example of the importance of learning the theory behind FEA