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NX Tooling & Fixture Design PowerPoint Presentation
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NX Tooling & Fixture Design

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NX Tooling & Fixture Design

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  1. NX Tooling & Fixture Design

  2. Key Business Issues- for tooling & fixture manufacture • How to: • Compete on price • Shorten delivery times • Win on complex jobs • Meet quality demands Global competition Products are more complex, no margin in simple jobs Today’s consumers expect high quality

  3. Human Shop Docs Tool Design Machine Simulation Tool design and manufacture process - Typical challenges (mold design) • Cannot find correct data • Non-adherence to design principles • Recreating designs, drawings from scratch • Cannot understand someone else’s design • Shop floor errors waste time and materials $ Cost Estimation DFMValidation Tool Validation PartDesign Core / Cavity Prototype / 1st Production Run Machining ElectrodeDesign Reverse Engineering Plant PreliminaryDesign Drawings DataHealing RFQ Quoting DataImport PMI Mold Base & Systems DesignChange • Inconsistent manufacturing methods and results • Inconsistent design methods • Difficult to capture knowledge • Repeating time-consuming tasks key issues from: “21st Century Mold and Die Shop” – Aberdeen Group

  4. Human Shop Docs DieLayout Assembly /test Tool design and manufacture process - Typical challenges (progressive die design) • Cannot find correct data • Non-adherence to design principles • Recreating designs, drawings from scratch • Cannot understand someone else’s design • Shop floor errors waste time and materials $ Tool Simulation Cost Estimation DFMValidation One-step Unforming /analysis PartDesign Insert Groups Prototype / 1st Production Run Design Validation Machining PreliminaryDesign ElectrodeDesign Plant DataHealing Drawings RFQ Quoting Die Base DataImport DesignChange • Inconsistent manufacturing methods and results PMI • Inconsistent design methods • Difficult to capture knowledge • Repeating time-consuming tasks key issues from: “21st Century Mold and Die Shop” – Aberdeen Group

  5. Best in Class Tool Makers - hit targets on an 96% average, or better 21st Century Mold and Die Shop” – Aberdeen Group

  6. Best in Class PACE Framework- for tool makers 1st area to focus on “The message? Get tooling design as efficient as possible to decrease tooling turnaround times. Then you can differentiate yourself with services” 21st Century Mold and Die Shop” – Aberdeen Group

  7. Strengths of NX Tooling & Fixture Design • Best in class performers are: • 56% more likely to adopt CAD with automated capabilities • 2x as likely to capture tooling design knowledge • 30% more likely to simulate the tooling in its manufacturing environment • 45% more likely to manage tool designs with PDM. Strengths of NX Tool Design Embedded process expertise Re-use of company standards Design validation Integrated solution 21st Century Mold and Die Shop” – Aberdeen Group

  8. Embedded Process Expertise - mold design Product Analysis “An automated system will walk you through a series of discrete steps to complete the mold design. ……for an inexperienced designer, it’s like having someone looking over your shoulder who tells you the next thing you need to do. …And for someone with a lot of experience, it relieves much of the tedium; so you can concentrate on designing instead of operating a piece of software.” David QuinnFounderMillennium Mold Design Inc. Wallthickness Radius / Sharp Corner Draft Analysis Shrinkage Core / Cavity Slides / Lifters Core / Cavity Split Layout Parting Shut-off Region definition Mold Structure Design Change Propagation and Control Gates Mold base Ejector pins Cooling Standard parts Runners Validation Parting Check Interference / Clearance Compare Swap Map Detailing Pocketing BOM Drawings

  9. Embedded Process Expertise - progressive die design Part Preparation “NX has an obvious advantage over its competitors in modeling strength and open architecture, so any solution built on NX will already have a great advantage over others, the NX Progressive Die Design taps into advanced modeling functionality. On top of that, it delivers unmatched intelligence for automating die design processes. Between the two integrated programs, you get an unbeatable combination.” Mike Molina II President Progressive Design Technologies Unfold & Flatten Pre-bends Over-bends Process Design Blank layout Scrap Strip Layout Structure Design Design Change Propagation & Control Die base Insert groups Standard parts Validation Formability Press Force Calculation Interference / Clearance Associativity Detailing Relief Pocketing BOM Drawings Hole table

  10. Embedded Process Expertise - fixture design Embedded process expertise makes NX ideal for all types of fixture design • Easy, fast updates • Simulation • Complex configurations • Automatic part positioning • Multiple arrangements • Knowledge Reuse library Machining fixtures Automotive fixtures Aerospace fixtures

  11. Re-use of Company Standards- shortening tool design & manufacture cycle times Time Layout Layout Production Drawings Production Drawings Tool Design Clean-up NC Tool Paths Clean-up Tool Design NC Tool Paths “We are capturing and reusing our design and process knowledge to streamline our tool design through production processes.” Jos SchättiPresidentSchätti Conventional Automated

  12. Re-use of Company Standards - advanced knowledge capture example Capture Reuse Standard Part Definition Design Parts List Drawing Dialog Tool Selection,Tool Path Manufacturing Definition “Implementing a strategy for capturing & reusing knowledge in the form of standard parts and mold/die bases can eventually result in tool design lead time reductions of up to 40%.” Greg Nemecek, Systems / UG Administrator, General Die & Engineering, Inc

  13. Design Validation- design error reduction Fatal Problems • Prevent the tool from producing an acceptable part during the tool trial • Require significant rework of tool design Slight Problems • Cause significant delays in the manufacturing process • Result in some rework after the tool has completed trial Careless Mistakes • Require minor rework • Cause minor delays in the manufacturing process Sheet Metal Part Design Failure – Tearing Plastic Part Design Failure –Sink Marks

  14. Design Validation - molded part quality • Tiny edges • Sliver surfaces • etc • etc “Huge costs for unnecessary and time-consuming corrections arise through small violations of certain construction principles and rules during the design phase. NX Mold Design virtually eliminates such violations, saving significant time and money.” Dominique Burkard Project Leader for Product Development PCC Data quality analysis Moldability – undercut analysis Sinking - wall thickness analysis • Volume • Surface area • Projected area • Depth Moldability – draft analysis Part property analysis Shrinkage accommodation Moldability - corner radii analysis Warping - non-uniform wall thickness

  15. Design Validation- mold tool quality validation “Hofmann needs to identify interferences early in the design cycle… NX Mold Design provides effective tools for early design confirmation with parting check and tool design validation.” Peter MichelDesign Group LeaderHofmann Parting analysis Interference / clearance analysis Sharp corner detection Cooling analysis Strength analysis Motion simulation Electrode burn area analysis Electrode interference analysis

  16. Design Validation - sheet metal part / strip validation “Our company’s goal is to deliver on time, within the budget and with 100% quality. Software from Siemens supports this by using built-in intelligence and excellent visualization to speed die design. Quicker die design allows WTW to answer the industry’s demand for faster, more complex tool design.” Andrew Niewiara Engineering Manager Wiegel Tool Works Visualization in 3D Data quality analysis Formability analysis Flattened blank shape Material utilization Press force - balancing Strip Simulation

  17. Design Validation- progressive die tool quality validation “Design validation has been improved with the ability to browse clearances and resolve interference issues, especially for very large assemblies.” Peter Michel Design Group Leader Hofmann Innovation Group Visualization in 3D Press force - strength Interference / clearance analysis Electrode interference analysis Electrode burn area analysis Motion simulation

  18. Integrated Solution- scalable

  19. Integrated Solution “Revision control was our biggest problem in the past. When we had the different departments working with different software, it was very hard to ensure that everyone was working with up-to-date information. With Teamcenter, we have a tight system of revision control. Between that and the single source data model approach, everyone is accessing up-to-date geometry in real time.” Vince Travaglini Vice President, Engineering Stackteck (Canada) NX Strength Wizard * NX CAE XpresReview * NX CAM –High Speed Machining NX CAM – Wire EDM NX CAM –Feature Based Machining Teamcenter – Data & Process Management NX Electrode Design * included with NX Mold and Progressive Die Design