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The Project Proposal. Summary of Project. No more that 350 words The abstract can consist of a one-line summary of each of the other sections of the proposal. Project Background. Setting the scene for the project, what is the background to this research

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Summary of project
Summary of Project

  • No more that 350 words

  • The abstract can consist of a one-line summary of each of the other sections of the proposal.

Project background
Project Background

  • Setting the scene for the project, what is the background to this research

    • How does it fit into the context of Knowledge management/engineering – provide a couple of definitions of KM that support this research

    • How does it fit into the organisation culture context.

    • 6-8 references in this section

    • Don’t talk about your specific research in this section

Project description
Project Description

  • This is what my project is about, these is the organisation I will be doing it in and these are the tests I would like to do.

  • 2-3 references

Project aim
Project Aim

  • This is the “thesis” of the project

  • Bloom’s Taxonomy Verbs

  • e.g.

  • “This research will measure how Web 2.0 tools can improve collaboration and knowledge sharing”.

Project objectives
Project Objectives

  • Between 3 and 6

  • Explain the milestones in reaching your project Aim.

  • Look at existing approaches and measure new approach.

Evaluation criteria
Evaluation Criteria

  • how you intend to implement and evaluate your research

  • What methods Quan/Qual

  • IEEE 829 Standard for Software Test Documentation.

  • ISO 9126 and ISO 14598 (which are standards on software evaluation)


  • Literature Review

  • Dissertation Document

  • Software (?)

  • Survey results on CD

  • .

  • .

  • .

Timeframes and project plan
Timeframes and Project Plan

  • Risk mitigation, monitoring and management

Risk mitigation monitoring and management
Risk Mitigation, Monitoring and Management

  • An effective strategy must consider three issues:

    • risk avoidance,

    • risk monitoring, and

    • risk management and contingency planning.

Risk mitigation monitoring and management1
Risk Mitigation, Monitoring and Management

  • Example:

    • Assume that high staff turnover is noted as a project risk

Risk mitigation
Risk Mitigation

  • A proactive approach to risk avoidance is the best strategy. Develop a plan for risk mitigation. For example: assume that high staff turnover is noted as a project risk r1, some of the possible steps to be taken are these:

    • Meet with current staff to determine causes for turnover

    • Assume turnover will occur and develop techniques to ensure continuity when people leave.

    • Define a backup staff member for every critical technologies.

    • Double everyone’s salary

Risk monitoring
Risk Monitoring

  • As the project proceeds, the following factors can be monitored:

    • general attitude of team members based on project pressures,

    • the degree to which the team has jelled,

    • interpersonal relationship among team members,

    • availability of jobs within the company and outside it

  • As the project proceeds, risk monitoring activities commence.

  • In addition of these factors, the project manager should monitor the effectiveness of risk mitigation steps.

  • Project manager monitors factors that may provide an indication of whether the risk is becoming more or less likely

Risk management
Risk Management

  • Contingency Planning

  • Assumes that mitigation efforts have failed and that the risk has become a reality

  • Continuing the example, the project is well underway and a number of people announce that they will be leaving

  • If the mitigation strategy has been followed, backup is available, information is documented and knowledge has been dispersed across the team

Types of risks

  • Discuss project-based risks only

  • These are NOT risks;

    • I might get sick in the middle of my project

    • I might get a promotion and be too busy in my job

    • My girlfriend/boyfriend might run off with my best friend

    • My dog might run away

    • My supervisor might now give me a lot of feedback

Types of risks1

  • These are risks;

    • My test audience might not help me

    • The tool I use might not fully match the requirements

    • I might not get the technology/software I need

    • I might not get a lot of responses from my survey

    • Problems might take longer to solve than I predicted

Technical and non technical resources required
Technical and Non-Technical Resources Required

  • Access to people

  • PC / Laptop / PDA / etc.

  • Software Libraries


  • About 10-15

  • In Harvard format