Statewide consolidated it procurement processes summary and details
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Statewide Consolidated IT Procurement Processes Summary and Details - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Statewide Consolidated IT Procurement Processes Summary and Details. July 30, 2014. Purpose. To identify and define the processes needed to allow Day to Day normal procurement to continue: Short Term after July 1 st , using simplified manual forms Longer Term, a more automated work flow.

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Statewide consolidated it procurement processes summary and details

Statewide Consolidated IT Procurement ProcessesSummary and Details

July 30, 2014


  • To identify and define the processes needed to allow Day to Day normal procurement to continue:

    • Short Term after July 1st , using simplified manual forms

    • Longer Term, a more automated work flow

Statewide consolidated it procurement processes summary and details

ProposedAcquisitionRequestFormWe will use a modified version of this simple fillable form in the beginning to get started. It would be hand signed, scanned and attached to an emailed to the OTS Help Desk for dispatching. This form will keep evolving.Later we will try to better automate the work flow on this.

Exemption list
Exemption List

The items in the following lists may be purchased without approval of IT.

General exemption list for all agencies
General Exemption List for all Agencies

  • Keyboards/mice wired or wireless

  • Computer Cables

  • Flash Drives

  • DVDR/CDR media

  • UPS – Desktop use only

  • Speakers <$50.00

  • Audio Visual Equipment (such as large screen monitors for projection or TV use, scalers, switchers, A/V recording)

  • GPS for simple everyday use when accuracy is not critical for GIS Data (For More Accuracy and GIS Mapping must buy via IT)

  • Other consumables

  • Toner, Paper, Ink

Statewide consolidated it procurement processes summary and details

IT Procurement Exemption List for DOTD Sections 56, 70 (Example) (Each agency liaison will define their own special items subject to approval by DOA/OTS. Agencies buy and pay for themselves)

1. CCTV Cameras, and parts

2. Video Encoders, Video Decoders, Video Servers, and parts

3. Radar Vehicle Detectors, Video Vehicle Detectors, Blue Tooth Vehicle Detectors, and parts

4. Highway Advisory Radios and parts

5. Zetron Alarm Systems and parts

6. Permanent/Portable Dynamic Message Signs and parts

7. Ramp Meter Equipment and parts

8. Electronic Toll Collection equipment and parts

9. Outdoor Licensed/Unlicensed microwave radios, Ethernet radios, T1 radios, and parts

10. 700mhz two way radios, and parts

11. Cellular Modems, antennas, and parts

12. Fiber Optic Regens, cables, patch panels, splice enclosures, and parts

13. Equipment cabinets, fans, A/C, Surge Suppression, solar panels, batteries, and parts

14. Uninterruptible Power Supplies, batteries, and parts

15. Edge switches, hub site switches and parts

16. Cisco switches 3xxx level and smaller for Traffic Cameras and Microwave

17. Power supplies for all levels of Cisco switches

18. TMC operator console furniture

19. TMC Audio/Video equipment and parts

20. Misc. PC accessories under $99

21. All internal replacement parts for broken devices acquired through various construction projects.

22. Server Racks, Rack Power Supplies, Rack Fans, and Rack Mounting Hardware at various microwave and TMC sites.

23. Toll Collection Servers (until they move to IT)

24. Toll Collection Lane and Field Equipment

25. Bluetooth Readers for Travel Time *

Example it procurement special item exemption list for xxxx agency
Example - IT Procurement Special Item Exemption List for XXXX Agency

  • Other in-scope Directors will create their list of special agency needs which make sense and send to Tom Sands and David Dousay for inclusion on the List

Pcard procurement

  • Supply items under $5000 may be purchased by authorized PCard buyers of IT Items, not including hardware.

  • Normal Rules and Logs which support the procurements must be followed. These logs will need to be sent to the OTS Procurement Team (Janelle Hart initially). Software Items under $5000 may be procured on a PCard. Proof of licenses (including tag numbers of machine installed on) need to be forwarded on to OTS Help Desk for Tracking.

  • Training on PCards is on LEO (LaCarte Training for Cardholders) and that will be required for all OTS PCard Holders

  • Use of PCards, after the request form is created submitted for approval by Agency Director/Liaison, is being encouraged and may be required to be able to keep needed procurements flowing after 7/1.

  • To apply for a PCard contact Vicki Breaux in OTS.

Day to day it related hardware software and services procurements process short term
Day to day IT related Hardware, Software, and Services Procurements Process(Short term)

  • Some small day to day items are exempt from the consolidated procurement process (such as toner, flash drives, etc. – See Exemption List for details)

  • Requests for day to day IT acquisitions which ARE part of the consolidated IT Procurement (i.e. hardware, software, maintenance, and services) must initiate with the completion of an IT Procurement Request Form.

  • This form will be signed by Agency Management (per a list of agency managers delegated by the Agency Undersecretary) to grant approval for a recharge from OTS, and is then submitted to Agency IT Director/Liaison for final approval.

  • The Agency IT Director/Liaison or delegate(s) shall be responsible for the review and final approval of all requests and deciding which items to buy internally on PCards, which items we may have on hand, how the procurement fit in our standards, strategy, etc.

  • This form is then sent to the OTS Help Desk and placed into the Remedy System who then forwards it to the Operations Unit Procurement Team (Temporarily Procurement is only Janelle Hart who will utilize the IT Resources that are available for IT Procurement in the OTS team from the agencies……additional information will be published later).

  • Other levels of Approvals would follow existing processes for large items per state rules (OCR, OSP, etc.) that have always existed.

Generic it procurement process except large contracts
Generic IT Procurement Process - Procurements Process(except Large Contracts)