texas building and procurement commission statewide contracting program n.
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Texas Building and Procurement Commission Statewide Contracting Program

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Texas Building and Procurement Commission Statewide Contracting Program - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Texas Building and Procurement Commission Statewide Contracting Program. TBPC Brown Bag Presentation Texas State Government Contract Management 101 Presented by Adrian Pineda and Sergio Upton May 9, 2007. Contract Planning Contract Procurement Statewide Contracting Processes

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Presentation Transcript
texas building and procurement commission statewide contracting program

Texas Building and Procurement CommissionStatewide Contracting Program

TBPC Brown Bag Presentation

Texas State Government

Contract Management 101

Presented by Adrian Pineda

and Sergio Upton

May 9, 2007

contract management 101
Contract Planning

Contract Procurement

Statewide Contracting Processes

Contract Administration

CATRAD Overview/Demonstration

Contract Management 101
contract planning
Five Core Processes:

Plan – Identify contracting objectives and contracting strategy

Procurement – Fairly and objectively select the most qualified contractors

Rate/Price Establishment – Establish processes that are cost-effective and aligned with the cost of providing the goods and services.

Contract Formation – Ensure the contract contains provisions that hold the contractor accountable for producing desired results.

Contract Oversight – Monitor and enforce the terms of the contract.

Contract Planning
general contract planning
Needs Assessment (on-going)

Communications Plan (Inter-disciplinary)

Cost Estimates (Relevant by industry)

Risk Management

General Contract Planning
needs assessment
Establishes a clear definition of the contracting objectives and purpose to be accomplished by the contract.

Identifies existing statutory requirements, agency rules, policies and business processes

The following questions aid the assessment:

What does your agency specifically need?

What will fulfilling this need do for the agency?

How will your agency know when the need has been met?

Needs Assessment
communications plan
Manages and controls internal and external communication through:

Identifying the stakeholders

Determines the type, content and frequency of reporting

Choosing the appropriate procurement method (i.e. IFB, RFI, RFO, RFP, RFQ)

Communications Plan
cost estimates
Estimated cost will provide an idea of the range of commodities/services that can be procured

Estimates can be attained through internal subject matter experts or obtaining pricing from vendors

Care should be taken to avoid giving potential bidders a competitive advantage

Cost Estimates
risk management
Defined as the combination of the probability of an event and its consequences.

Provides foundation for critical contracting components in later phases

Proper risk management can increase likelihood of project success, mitigate chance of project failure and clarify organization objectives of the project

Three-part process:

Develop and implement a process by which to continually identify and re-evaluate risks.

Quantify and analyze the likelihood of potential impact of identified risks

Limit, lessen, or abolish risks

Risk Management
preparing the solicitation
Background and Introduction

Statement of Work (SOW)

Vendor Qualifications/Financial Background / References

Contract Term(s)

Evaluation Criteria



Payment Method(s)

Independent Quality Assurance Program

Most Recent Terms and Conditions

HUB Requirements / Good Faith Effort / HSP


Execution of Offer

Preparing the Solicitation
contract procurement
Some External Major Contract Requirements:

Quality Assurance Team (QAT)

Texas Project Delivery Framework

Contract Advisory Team (CAT) Reviews

Contract Procurement
cat review
CAT Enabling Legislation: As mandated by the Texas Government Code 2262.101 in subchapter C, The Contract Advisory Team is created to assist state agencies in improving contract management practices by reviewing the solicitation of major contracts by state agencies.

Major contracts are defined as any contract that has an estimated value of at least $1,000,000.

State agencies are required to submit major contract solicitations to the CAT team for review through CATRAD. The CAT has 30 days upon receipt of solicitation to review the initiating agency's major contract.

CAT Review
review and delegation
Delegation Requests: For purchases of services estimated to cost more than $100,000, agencies must submit solicitations to TBPC for review and delegation. Texas Government Code 2156.121.

TBPC has 14 days upon receipt of solicitation to review the initiating agency's request for delegation.

Review and Delegation
advertising the solicitation
Central Master Bidder’s List (CMBL) notifies interested vendors of business opportunities

Posting on Electronic State Business Daily (ESBD) for solicitations over $25K

Advertising the Solicitation
response evaluation
Evaluation Team

Evaluation Criteria

Scoring Methodologies

Interviews and Oral Presentations

Score Tabulation

Response Evaluation
contract award notification

Major Contract Reporting requirement for contracts over $5M

Professional and Consultant Services/Construction Contracts to LBB

Contract Award/Notification
contract administration
Vendor Performance Tracking System

Monitoring Contractor Performance

Types of Contract Reviews/Audits

Payment Approval

Change Management

Dispute Resolution

Schedule Issues

Quality Assurance

Contract Extension and Renewal

Contract Closeout

Contract Administration
catrad overview
CATRAD Overview
  • (C)ontract (A)dvisory (T)eam (R)eview (A)nd (D)elegation
  • CATRAD Version 1 – Currently available for state agencies to use.
  • Planned CATRAD Version 2 Release – We will continue to log feedback from internal and external users of program and develop the requirements for a second version in spring of 2007.
catrad features
The CATRAD application provides agencies with the ability to submit and track online progress of their major contract solicitation requests and delegation requests.

Access is administered by designated agency “Superusers”.

Agency solicitations and other related documents are uploaded into the CATRAD system by end-user.

DIR is electronically notified of solicitations containing a technology component.

The submission of the Major Contract Questionnaire (MCQ) is no longer a requirement for CAT reviews.

CATRAD Features
catrad application

Increased organization

Users can provide a preferred response date for the review to facilitate expedited schedules

New administrative functions including automated assignment of reviews, system generated responses and customized reporting

Increased visibility of solicitation and delegation requests to designated TBPC Procurement Division staff and CAT Team members

CATRAD Application

CATRAD Application

CATRAD Demonstration


CATRAD Application

statewide contracting program contact information
Adrian Pineda


(512) 463-3414

Sergio Upton


(512) 463-8169

Statewide Contracting ProgramContact Information

CATRAD Application