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ENGINEERS WITHOUT BORDERS. Baton Rouge Professional Chapter. What is Engineers Without Borders?. EWB-USA is a non-profit, humanitarian organization established in 2001 by Dr. Bernard Amadei, civil engineering professor at the University of Colorado

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Engineers without borders


Baton Rouge Professional Chapter

What is engineers without borders
What is Engineers Without Borders?

  • EWB-USA is a non-profit, humanitarian organization established in 2001 by Dr. Bernard Amadei, civil engineering professor at the University of Colorado

  • EWB partners with developing communities around the world to improve their quality of life through the implementation of sustainable engineering projects

  • Currently, over 200 student and professional chapters are established across the country

  • There are 170 active projects in 41 countries

Dr. Bernard Amadei

EWB-USA founder

Our mission
Our Mission

“The mission of EWB-USA is to partner with developing communities to improve their quality of life through the implementation of environmentally sustainable, equitable, and economical engineering projects. In the process of working to advance developing communities, EWB-USA promotes the development of globally aware and internationally responsible engineers, students, and professionals.”


Baton rouge professional chapter
Baton Rouge Professional Chapter

  • Established in 2008

  • Membership represents civil and chemical engineering, occupational health and agricultural disciplines

  • Partnering with non-governmental organization GLOVE for project in MBolllet, Gambia

Baton Rouge Professional Chapter Members

Our project mbollet gambia
Our Project – Mbollet, Gambia




Mbollet gambia
Mbollet, Gambia

Project Description:

The villages of (Sam) Mbollet live in extreme poverty. These villages are attempting to farm on arid rain-fed lands which are utterly exhausted of nutrients and unable to produce adequate crops. The soils are so depleted that even if the rains are good, the households still go hungry. Fertilizer is unavailable and the farmers lack the knowledge to successfully make organic composts. They have no running water supply, no safe drinking water and no sanitation. They have no medicines and lack access to basic medical services. There is no power supply and not a single motorized vehicle. There is no clinic and the nearest school is 2 km away, though many families can’t afford the school fees.

Villages of mbollet
Villages of Mbollet

  • Population – 700

  • Four tribes in village

    • Fula

    • Manjago

    • Bambaro

    • Sere

Food and water
Food and Water

  • Very little rainfall between late July and September

  • Three and a half-acre garden recently created with 500 gallon water tank for irrigation

  • Village hopes to expand garden and possibly sell surplus fruit

  • Chain-link fence needed to keep animals out

Health care
Health Care

  • Local Health Care

    • Village community nurse – 2 miles

    • Health Clinic – 9 miles

    • Large Hospital – 1.5 hours

  • Common Health Issues

    • Malnourishment, especially in children

    • Malaria

    • Tuberculosis

    • Intestinal Worms


  • Few villagers can afford school

    • Children must walk over 1 mile one-way

    • Hot weather and rainy season make the journey difficult

Project components
Project Components

  • Providing Safe Drinking Water

  • Rainfall Harvesting

    • Storage for Rainwater during dry months

  • Micro-irrigation

    • Irrigation system for existing garden

  • Compost Manufacturing

    • Fertilizer needed for crops

  • Improving Sanitation

Partnership glove
Partnership - GLOVE

  • Local Non-governmental organization

  • GLOVE – “Gambian Longevity through Village Enterprise”


  • Recommended travel window

    • Mid-November to Late June

  • Housing and Food Provided to Volunteers

    • One 10 person tent

    • Volunteers asked to pay villagers $12 a day for food and lodging

  • Four translators available

  • No electricity available

  • One vehicle available

Travel logistics
Travel Logistics

  • Fly into Banjul

  • Take Ferry to Barra

    • North over River Gambia

    • 30 min to 1 hour ride

  • Drive to Village

Anticipated project timeline
Anticipated Project Timeline

  • Application to adopt project reviewed Nov 16

  • Response regarding adoption by Dec 15

  • Complete Pre-Assessment

    • Includes plans for assessment trip

    • Deadline for submittal is monthly, around mid-month

    • Three weeks after submittal give presentation to TAC

    • Two weeks following presentation TAC gives response

  • Complete Assessment Trip

  • Complete Assessment Report

  • Detailed Project Design Begins

Funding needs
Funding Needs

  • Will need ~$15,000 for assessment trip

  • Funds needed for:

    • Materials

    • Airfare

    • Lodging

    • Other logistical transportation costs

  • 95% of donated funds go directly to project related expenses

    • 5% goes to EWB-USA to cover administrative expenses

How you can help
How you can help

  • Become a corporate sponsor

  • Sponsor EWB-BRP

  • Donate to the Gambia project

    • Make checks payable to?

  • URL:

Donate to ewb brp
Donate to EWB-BRP


Contact info
Contact Info