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New Media Technologies

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New Media Technologies
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  1. New Media Technologies Research and Planning

  2. Google Images • During my research, I needed to base my magazine front cover on an existing magazine cover. I could change the layout, fonts, text and more, though I had to find out any similar ‘characteristics’ and ‘conventions’ which I should follow.

  3. The Wonder That Is YouTube Once I knew which genre I wanted to convey, I needed to research styles, conventions and techniques used in a film trailer, such as lighting, mise en scene, camera angles and dialogue.

  4. Good Old Fashioned TV • I also took the original approach of watching TV and looking out for comedy trailers on the adverts. If I found one which was suitable, I would then go to YouTube and watch it in more detail. • A list of the trailers I watch and analyzed can be found on a previous post on November 3, 2009.

  5. The Necessary Video Camera • Obviously my film trailer would not of been possible without the use of a video camera. However, I was also able to use this to an even fuller extent. I used my video camera for ‘audience feedback,’ which allowed me to find out what the audience felt about my final product in detail and watch the clip back over and over until I had fully analyzed every aspect shown and advice given.

  6. Blog Blog Blog • The blog was a vital part of my course. This allowed me to present my data to both fellow peers and also the examiner. Even this PowerPoint will end up on the blog. All the research was place upon the blog so that I could always go back and analyze my findings.

  7. Micromaphoneeee • The use of using a microphone benefited me also. Many film trailers include a ‘voice-over’ to add both a comical effect but also to inform the audience of either the plot, genre or both. In my film trailer, this is no exception, and I used a regular microphone to record myself speaking a voice-over. I then imported this into my trailer using Adobe Elements.

  8. Adobe and It’s Elements • Adobe Elements is one of the most used video editing software, both for professionals in the media industry and amateurs using it for their own personal use. I was able to combine clips of my trailer together, add and delete frames, add transitions, add audio files such as background music or a voice over and even render the files to suit different playback formats, i.e. internet, DVD and CD. See post on February 8, 2010 for its layout.

  9. Photoshopping For Shoes • Photoshop is a professional piece of photo editing software, one of the most used programs in the media industry. It has allowed me to edit both my magazine front cover and also my poster in ways which were not usually possible. I was able to add effects, manipulate photo’s, change the colour and lighting and combine images in the way I wanted. See the post April 21, 2010.

  10. High Speed Box • It seems simple but technically, without the use of a computer, none of this would be possible. Without a computer, I would have to of been creating a film trailer like the old fashioned way, cutting up ‘film reel’ and sticking the back together in an order which I felt best fit.

  11. PowerangerPoint • Without the use of PowerPoint, this presentation of all the media technologies I have used would not of been possible either.

  12. Here’s The Conclusion • Overall, without the use of all these technologies, my trailer, magazine and poster would not be what they are now. The new technologies aid me in making my products better, therefore, if this was in the real world of the media industry, attract more sales as more audience members would be appealed by the film. I.e. the internet is the largest source of information, so as a marketer, you can reach your targeted audience with a click of a button.