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Culture Jamming/ Anti-

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Culture Jamming/ Anti-. Lisa Chui. Lisa Chui. What is Advertisement?. A public promotion of some product or service Artists who alter or change advertisements are called “culture jammers.” . What is Culture Jamming?.

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culture jamming anti

Culture Jamming/ Anti-

Lisa Chui

Lisa Chui

what is advertisement
What is Advertisement?
  • A public promotion of some product or service
  • Artists who alter or change advertisements are called “culture jammers.”
what is culture jamming
What is Culture Jamming?
  • It is the practice of purposefully changing or damaging the message in popular advertisements.
  • Definition of culture Jamming: To become stuck, to cause something to stop.
what is the purpose of culture jamming
What is the purpose of culture jamming?
  • To cause us (the audience) to STOP and RECONSIDER advertisements that we usually don’t pay much attention to or criticize.
making your own culture jamming anti advertisement poster procedure
Making Your Own Culture Jamming/Anti-Advertisement Poster Procedure
  • Select an advertisement off of the Internet, magazine, or newspaper.
  • Think of a negative aspect of the product you chose. If there is nothing negative about it, choose a different advertisement.
  • Decide whether you will include the entire advertisement or just a part of it in your work

4. Make a sketch of your anti-advertisement in your sketchbook making sure to criticize or make fun of the negative aspect of the product. You must include the following elements in your work (along with a part or all of the original image):


*Your own drawing


7. Once you are done sketching you will have to decide which medium you will make your final anti-advertisement in. You must choose AT LEAST 2 DIFFERENTS MEDIUMS from the following:

*Drawing Materials (colored pencils, markers, ink, pastels)

*Paint (watercolor or acrylic)

*Gesso/Gel Medium Transferring




You will have to draw your own image onto the poster paper being provided. If using the Gel/gesso transferring method, or Photoshop, come see me to for specific instructions.

  • Carefully add your Text (using the typography technique practiced in class). Make sure your text and message stands out.
  • Your artwork must be filled in completely to create unity. You can paint the background, color it, or collage it but make sure that the entire work looks like it belongs together. Use overlapping and similar colors throughout.
typography exercise
Typography Exercise

Using the example above, practice illustrating the following

words using different typography:

*loud *lonely *sad *rain *love *run