Organisation and method of working of hgi
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Organisation and Method of Working of HGI. Paolo Pastorino – Telecom Italia Lab. The bodies of HGI. The General Assembly The Administrative Council (herein referred to as " Management Committee ") The Board of Directors, including Officers Advisory Groups and Working (Technical) Groups.

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Organisation and method of working of hgi

Organisation and Method of Working of HGI

Paolo Pastorino – Telecom Italia Lab

The bodies of hgi
The bodies of HGI

  • The General Assembly

  • The Administrative Council (herein referred to as " Management Committee ")

  • The Board of Directors, including Officers

  • Advisory Groups and Working (Technical) Groups

Organisation and method of working of hgi

HGI organisation and working method

General Assembly

Decides on which standard bodies and fora to contribute

Board of directors

Management Commitee





Technical Groups

Business Groups












General assembly
General Assembly

  • Members: Principal members


  • Statutory and financial matters

  • Approval of the audited accounts

  • Election of the Directors of the Board of Directors

  • Decision of the standards organization to which HGI will contribute

Board of directors
Board of directors

  • Members: 5 to 11 elected by the General Assembly

    Main powers:

  • Interprets and administers the Statutes and their good execution

  • Proposes the budget and sets the annual fee

  • Calls the meetings of the General Assembly

  • Sets up and controls

    • standing Committees other than those foreseen in these Statutes

    • special Committees as may be found necessary or desirable to carry out the objects and purposes of HGI,

    • Working Committees

  • Elects the officers (the President, the Vice-President, the Secretary, the Treasurer)

Management committee
Management committee

  • Members: Operators

    Main powers:

  • Steering and guidance on evolution of the forum

  • Give approval on the developments of the work

  • Takes decisions upon request by a Technical Working Group to approve the technical document issued

Cto cbo

  • The CTO/CBO acts as a global manager for the project

  • Is in charge of making sure that the different working groups make progress on time

  • Assures that the requirements are produced and that the technical development matches the business and technical requirements

Business requirement groups
Business requirement groups

  • Objectives: Produce requirements through interaction between operators and manufacturers

    Operators Requirements sub-group

  • The role of the group is to provide guideline for the technical requirements that will ensure the compatibility of the solutions with the overall public network architecture

  • Produce use cases based on the service vision of operators

    Manufacturers feedback sub-group

  • Provide feedback on gateway phasing

  • Provide comments to use cases from a manufacturer point of view

  • Submit use cases based on devices development & evolutions

Technical groups
Technical groups

Members: all members

  • The role of the technical groups is to develop technical analysis on a specific area and to provide system architecture specification including references to standards and specifications of missing elements

  • The technical divides its effort in several sub-groups

  • The technical subgroups leaders report to the CTO/CBO on progress of their work

  • The CTO/CBO chairs the technical groups

Method of working
Method of working

  • Working groups are encouraged to work efficiently to meet the deadlines by using

    • Regular audioconferences (once a week)

    • Technical mailing lists (open 24/7)

    • Face to face regular meetings (once every 2 months)

  • Plenary sessions are held to share targets and results

  • Liasons with other bodies and fora