the red river colony n.
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The Red River Colony PowerPoint Presentation
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The Red River Colony

The Red River Colony

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The Red River Colony

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  1. The Red River Colony From exploration to settlement

  2. Fur Trading Forts in the Area Area of Assiniboia HBC: : Ft Garry : Ft Douglas : Ft Pembina NWC : Ft. Gibraltar : Ft Assiniboine : Ft William

  3. Fur trade route from Ft. William

  4. Life in the Red River Area

  5. Competition between the HBC and NWC grew fierce As fur resources dwindled companies were forced to move further inland Built forts on the rivers NW traders had established ties to this area through marriage and trade By 1800, 4,000 voyageurs and hivernants living in the NW; The Metis Many lived by the Red River, farming, hunting, trading Early 1800’s in the Northwest

  6. Metis lead a mixed life also helping the fur trade providing traders with pemmican Natives: The Cree, Siksika followed the buffalo and at times lived around the forts But relied on the buffalo In the winter they would move into the foothills for shelter With European contact culture and hunting changed The Metis

  7. Resource: the buffalo: with guns and a horse the buffalo was easily shot, skinned and became a source of food (pemmican) for the fur traders

  8. Coureur de bois, hivernants Supplied furs to the NWC and HBC Trading companies and natives needed pemmican The Traders Ft Garry

  9. Wanted to help the ‘crofters’ Part owner of the HBC , he wanted to stop the NWC interfering with the fur trade Obtained 300,000 sq km of land from the HBC Lord Selkirk (Thomas Douglas)

  10. 1812 - the first group of settlers arrived, late, not prepared for the winter, no food, no housing But (Selkirk) wanted to establish a farming colony Benefits? ….’Why not plough the deserts of the Sahara’….. Wintered at Ft Pembina Colonists returned in the spring to find crops ruined Had to return to Ft Pembina again Another group of settlers arrived in 1814 What are the advantages or disadvantages of this development? Miles Macdonell ; leader of the colony

  11. Question: • Lord Selkirk’s dream, was it possible? • What were the advantages or disadvantages of this type development? • Read pages 133 – 136 • Answer questions on page 136 • Identify the advantages and disadvantages of this development? Do this in chart form.

  12. Ft Gibraltar Ft.Pembina