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Chapter Six

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Chapter Six. Cooperative learning By Ashley, Lauren, and Matt. Room Arrangement. Tables or desks need to be arranged to allow teacher’s unrestricted movement Groups already need to be arranged to allow for group work

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chapter six

Chapter Six

Cooperative learning

By Ashley, Lauren, and Matt

room arrangement
Room Arrangement

Tables or desks need to be arranged to allow teacher’s unrestricted movement

Groups already need to be arranged to allow for group work

Provide all materials needed for each group to cut down on unnecessary student movement

talk and movement procedures
Talk and Movement Procedures

Students should use “six inch voices” to cut down noise levels

Movement between groups should be restricted by the teacher (“Stay in your group” or “Take care of out-of-group business promptly”)

Transitions should be timed so students can be accountable for how much time is left

group attention signals
Group Attention Signals
  • If teacher needs to provide additional directions, students should be aware of teacher’s signals to gain their attention
    • “Raise your hand if you can hear me.”
    • “Clap if you can hear me.”
    • Count down
    • “One two three, eyes on me!”
    • Write information on the board to avoid interrupting student concentration
promoting interdependence
Promoting Interdependence

Assignments and projects that require varied skills and abilities gives students more opportunities to contribute

Allow students to be responsible by contributing a unique component to the group’s product

Group assignments can be given a group grade, recognition, or points

individual accountability
Individual Accountability

Peer evaluations can keep individuals accountable for work within the group

Require individual students to complete a certain portion of the group work

Have students turn in individual work (notes) along with the group’s product

benefits of cooperative learning
Benefits of Cooperative Learning

Greater individual achievement

Increased engagement with the content

Small groups have greater potential for participation and feedback

Content can be more meaningful

benefits continued
Benefits (continued)

Active participation of students

Lower and higher achieving students benefit from working together

Development of interpersonal skills by engaging in tasks with a common goal with other students