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WW1 Postcards

WW1 Postcards

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WW1 Postcards

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  1. WW1 Postcards From SGT Sidney Coxall of the Bedfordshire Regiment to Florence (Floss) Catley.

  2. Darling Floss Although many miles away I am still thinking of your sweet face. Love from a friend

  3. Dearest f, Just a pc to let you know that I am done in the eye again, only men for a draft are going on leave this week, all other passes were thrown out, what luck, eh? But still I shall go on trying every week I shall not give up. I hope you are well dear, have a good time much. love Sid xx

  4. Dearest f, I hope this will find you in the best of health as it leaves me the same, have you heard from Ed lately? Oh by the way I wonder if you still get too early, I know you girls used to. Much love S. xx

  5. Dear f The weather is lovely but it didn’t stop the zepps. I hear they have done a lot of damage this time, hope this will find you well. Fondest Love Sid xxx

  6. Dearest f, Just a pc to let you know I arrived here safely Friday night, it was alright as no one did not know what time. Tonight I will write as soon as I get back if I have time, give my love to M, and all at home, and the same to yourself. I think this is all much love S. xxxx

  7. Dear F, How Does today suit you, the sun is lovely today, I don't know about the daughter, as I have not seen her, don’t forget what I told you , mind your toes, well dear I hope will enjoy this week, as I don't expect you will next. Au revoir dear. Love Sid xxxx

  8. Dear f, What did you think of the zepps the other night I will tell you what I thought of them in letter when I write, I was on the sea front all night not sight seeing though. Well dear much love Sid xxx