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  1. WW1 Events leading to WW1 Would World War 1 have happened if world leaders had made different choices? What if there weren’t world alliances? What would you have done? Which alternate reality will you choose? One world power attacks other world powers Kill a world leader Avoid WWI

  2. Duke Franz Ferdinand is assassinated Good Scenario… Bad scenario…

  3. Home Duke Franz Ferdinand has not been assassinated. World War 1 has been avoided!

  4. Home Duke Franz Ferdinand is assassinated – but the good news is that he is not in line for the Austro-Hungarian throne! World War 1 has been avoided!

  5. Austria-Hungary is angry as Duke Franz Ferdinand is in line for the Austro-Hungarian throne. Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia. Other countries get involved Small War

  6. Russians become powerful Germany declares war on Russia. War continues to involve more countries

  7. No world alliances have been formed so war remains between Serbia and Austria-Hungary

  8. Russians defeat Germans and diffuse war between Serbia and Austria-Hungary.

  9. Germany becomes more powerful Germany declares war on France. Germany continue to invade more countries

  10. Germans intimidate French and they immediately surrender. Germany takes control of France.

  11. Britain gets involved Germany invades Belgium. Britain doesn’t get involved

  12. Britain has no interest in Belgium neutrality and wants to avoid war and therefore does not get involved in war.

  13. Britain declares war on Germany after they invade neutral Belgium.

  14. Home World War 1 officially begins.

  15. War continues for so long that Germany step in and then declare war on France and Russia. Germany continues to invade more countries Someone surrenders!

  16. Home Russians take control of Germany and effectively avoid World War II.

  17. WWII doesn’t take place as UK is too afraid of German power and territory. Another country gets involved World domination

  18. Because Britain did not get involved in WWI, Germany is eventually so powerful that they take over Britain.

  19. Home The world is now controlled by Germany.

  20. Home The US becomes a part of the war and subsequently defeats Germany. They also have partial control over Britain now.

  21. Germany becomes anxious of being located between world powers that have alliances against Germany. Germany decides to simultaneously attack Britain, France and Russia without warning. World domination Another country gets involved