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Vocabulary Strategies

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Vocabulary Strategies

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  1. Vocabulary Strategies Using Word Study for Ownership!

  2. Context-Content-Experience A teacher example……

  3. (Word origin) (Subject area or area in life to which it pertains) (See word origin and discuss where the word comes from, its roots, etc.) (How it is used “on the street”) (Phrases using this word) (Sentences)

  4. [from Latin vorāx swallowing greedily, from vorāre to devour] riddled voracious 1. craving or consuming large quantities of food 2. exceedingly eager or avid Physical/literal (appetite ) Figurative (reader, collector) Devour, eat greedily; To read many books or pursue a collection of something (such as coins, dolls, Star Wars figures)

  5. Adjective avid, covetous, devouring, dog-hungry, edacious, empty, gluttonous, gorging, grasping, gross, insatiable, omnivorous, piggy, prodigious, rapacious, ravening, ravenous, sating, starved, starved to death, starving, uncontrolled, unquenchable

  6. a voracious reader unable to put down the novel a voracious gamer waiting in line for a midnight release the voracious infant screaming for milk By 2:30 p.m., my voracious appetite leads me to consume foods I would ordinarily refuse; the soup I eat for lunch usually sustains me for a brief period of time. I was surprised by the voraciousness with which I read these last two novels; I used the flashlight on my phone to read it under the covers. (used as a noun)

  7. Context-Content-Experience Practice as a class….

  8. ORIGIN 1300–50; Middle English irken  to grow tired, tire < Old Norse yrkja  to work, cognate with Old English wyrcan; see work riddled irksome Causing annoyance or boredom; troublesome or tedious a younger sibling wanting to tag along, doing hours of homework, stomping/ jumping on the metal stairs during transition Person, task, event, sound

  9. Adjective Irked! aggravating, boring, bothersome, burdensome, irritating, tedious, tiresome, troublesome troubling, vexing

  10. the irksome sounds while taking a test in the library during lower school lunch  the irksome chirping of a cricket   the irksome task of writing long letters There is nothing more irksome than getting into bed, snug under the covers, and realizing that I forgot to shut off the lamp on the other side of the room. I guess it is time to buy The Clapper…clap on…clap off… The Clapper!

  11. Context-Content-Experience Your turn! Create your own charts for two self-selected words….

  12. Time to Share! • Share your two self-selected words with your small group!